Friday, 22 June 2018

Stikins ® Name Labels: Get Set For Summer With Stikins Name Labels

Yesterday saw the arrival of the summer solstice and the longest day of the year. With schools across the UK already closed or preparing to close for the summer holidays, we thought we’d celebrate the season of summer by taking a look at all of the ways you can use your Stikins name labels over the next few months.

Stikins…The Perfect Summer Name Labels

Our stick on name labels have been designed to stick on and stay on – all year round. Our unique adhesive forms a super strong adhesive bond, which will hold your name labels firmly in place. They can be applied onto the wash-care label of clothing and fabric items or directly onto other items. Stikins are perfect for labelling shoes and bags, lunch boxes and water bottles, stationery and books, or mobiles and tablets.

You can put labelled items through washing machines, tumble dryers, dishwashers, microwaves, or even the good old kitchen sink. Stikins have been independently tested for 40 washes at 40 degrees. They've also been thoroughly tested by thousands of families across the UK.

We’ve also sourced a special ribbon for printing our name labels. Some market leading sun creams and lotions contain ingredients that cause standard printing ribbons to disintegrate over time. Our ribbon is resistant to these ingredients, which means your print will remain perfectly legible all summer long – even when clothing labels rub against skin (and the sun cream that you’ve applied).

Stikins Name Labels For Summer…Wardrobes

Get all your summer wardrobe labelled up with Stikins name labels. When using Stikins as clothing labels, you should apply each sticky label onto the wash-care label of your clothing. They can be used to label all of your clothing – as long as there is a wash-care label. This does mean that Stikins don’t work well in socks.

You can also use them in shoes; apply your name labels onto the side wall or beneath the tongue of shoes. If you apply them below the foot, the print will be worn away.

Stikins Name Labels For Summer…Holidays

Stikins are also a brilliant way to label up all your gear that you’re taking away on holiday with you. From buckets and spades, camping gear and sports equipment, water bottles and towels, through to teddy bears and picnic gear, you can use our stick on name labels to make sure everything makes it safely home again. If you are labelling clothing or fabric items (like swimming costumes and towels), you need to apply your name labels to the wash-care label. Any other items can be labelled simply by sticking your sticky labels directly onto each item and smoothing them down firmly with your thumb.

Stikins Name Labels For Summer…Back To School

While getting back to school is probably the LAST thing your kids (and you) want to think about at the start of summer, it’s always good to be prepared. We will be printing and posting name labels every day throughout the summer. So, when you’re ready to think about back to school, we’ll be on hand to get your order despatched and delivered.

Stikins are great for use as school uniform labels as well as sticky name labels for all the other absolute “essentials” that your children have to / want to take to school with them in September. Again, you should make sure you apply Stikins onto the wash-care label of clothing and fabric items, onto the side wall or beneath the tongue of shoes, and directly onto all other personal items.

Our name labels are white stickers printed with a bold black font, which makes them really easy to read (especially in a hurry). They’re also the perfect size; at just 30mm wide by 15mm high, they’re neat and discrete so nobody will notice them until they’re needed.

Order Your Sets Of Summer Proof Name Labels Now!

You can order name labels all summer long. To order at any time, simply visit our website at Alternatively, give us a call between 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday to place an order over the phone. You can also fill in one of our Parent Leaflet order forms and pop it in the post along with a cheque.

We print, pack, and post names labels Monday to Friday up to 3pm. This means that most orders are despatched same day. If you order after 3pm, over the weekend, or on the August bank holiday, your name labels will be made and posted on the next working day.

To find out more about our name labels, head on over to our About Stikins page.

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