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Label Planet TEMPLATE TUESDAY: How To? – How To Use Label Planet’s Mirrored Label Templates


Last week, we explained how to use our text box label templates. This week, we’re taking a look at our mirrored label templates. The two are essentially the same with one key difference. In our mirrored label templates, each text box has been mirrored (or reversed). In this post, we’ll explain why these label templates are set up in this way, when to use them, and how to use them to design and print your own self adhesive labels.

What Are Mirrored Label Templates?

In addition to providing Word label templates and PDF label templates for all of our label sizes, we also  supply a range of formats to suit the various kinds of designs that our customers may want to produce. One of these extra formats is our mirrored label templates.

In this format, your label template will include a mirrored text box in each of the blank labels on your sheet. Like our text box label templates, each text box has a centralised layout and allows your text to fit neatly within each blank label.

mirrored label templates

Each text box has been rotated to flip your text box into a reverse or mirrored position. To read the text you either need to hold it up to a mirror OR view the text from the reverse side.  – as is the case when printing transparent window stickers.

You can use the mirrored text boxes as they are or change them to suit your required label design.

When Should You Use Mirrored Label Templates?

The main use for mirrored label templates is to create window stickers. Your mirrored design can be printed onto transparent labels that are to be applied onto the “inside” side of a window. When viewed from outside, the text appears in the “correct” direction.

The text boxes are set up to ensure that your design fits neatly within your blank labels AND is automatically mirrored. So you don’t have to worry about making too many adjustments yourself. Mirrored label templates are brilliant for beginners who haven’t designed window stickers at all. They're especially useful if you’re not confident or familiar with Word’s tools - like those required to reverse designs. This label template does most of the work for you. All you need to do is replace the text in each text box and choose any style elements that you want to add to personalise your design. You can also use these label templates if you're more experienced BUT you'd like to use a template that speeds up the design process.

How Do You Use Mirrored Label Templates?

Left click inside the first text box. The text box will automatically shift into a non-mirrored view until you click outside of the box. At this point, your text will revert to its mirrored state. After clicking inside the text box, select the existing placeholder text and delete it. Type in the text you want printed onto your sticky labels.

Repeat this process for each of the text boxes in your label template OR use copy and paste to speed things up…
  • Select and copy the text you have entered into the first text box. Click into the second text box, delete the existing text, and then paste your text into that text box. Repeat for each of the text boxes in your label template OR…
  • Delete all of the text boxes – EXCEPT FOR THE FIRST ONE. Select the first label (including the text box) by positioning your cursor in the bottom left corner of the first label and triple clicking the left button on your mouse quickly. Copy this selection and then paste it into the rest of your blank labels.
mirrored label templates - add your own text

You can replace the existing text and print your sticky labels although you may want to add extra design features. The simplest way to decorate text-based designs is to change the font and to add elements like a coloured background or image

To do this, we recommend adding your design to the first blank label only. Then delete the rest of the mirrored text boxes before using copy and paste to fill in your label template.

How To Change The Font Of Your Text Box

You can change the font of your text BEFORE or AFTER adding your text.
  • BEFORE: Delete the existing placeholder text from the first text box. Select your font and style options using the “Font” section of the HOME tab and/or the “WordArt Styles” section of the DRAWING TOOLS FORMAT tab. Then type in your required font.
  • AFTER: Delete the existing text from the first text box and type in (or paste in) your required text. Select your text and then apply your preferred font and style options.
mirrored label templates - choosing font and style options

You can also decorate the text box itself, for example, by adding a border or coloured background. Click on the DRAWING TOOLS FORMAT tab at the top of the page. Change the format of your text box using the tools in the “Shape Styles” section.

Think carefully about the shape and layout of your label size when adding coloured backgrounds and borders. To create a coloured background, your text box must fill each blank label (or overlap it slightly if possible). Borders must be thick enough to overlap the edges of your blank labels. This will increase the overall size of your text box, so you may need to resize your text box to get the correct alignment. 

How To Add Images & Background To Your Mirrored Label Template

You can add images or additional text boxes next to the existing text boxes.

Adding Additional Elements Next To Your Text Box

First, reduce the size of the existing text box to make room for your image or new text box. Next, use the INSERT tab to insert your image or text box (or paste an image / text box copied from elsewhere). We recommend making sure your image is the right size before pasting it into your label template. We also recommend changing the Wrap Text format to Tight. To do this, select your image and click on the PICTURE TOOLS FORMAT tab that appears at the top of the page. Click on “Wrap Text” and select “Tight”. This will allow you much greater control over the positioning of your image.

Remember that item you add that contains any directional elements (e.g. text) will need to be mirrored:
  • Mirror an image: select your image and click on the PICTURE TOOLS FORMAT tab. Click on “Rotate” and select “Flip Horizontal”.
  • Mirror a text box: select your text box and click on the DRAWING TOOLS FORMAT tab. Click on "Shape Effects" (in Shape Styles). Select 3-D Rotation from the drop down list and click on 3-D Rotation Options. In the sidebar, set "X Rotation" to 180°. This will add a grey background to your text box. Click on "Shape Fill" and select "No Fill" (for a transparent box) or white (for a white background).

mirrored label template - adding an image

Adding Additional Elements Behind Your Text Box

Alternatively, you could add an image or background colour behind your text box.

You may need to resize the image to fill your blank label. You should also change the Wrap Text format to Tight. Next, select your text box and click on the DRAWING TOOLS FORMAT tab. Click on “Bring Forward” and select “Bring To Front”. This will layer your text box on top of your image.
Remember to flip directional images as outlined above.

You can also add a background colour by changing the colour of the template itself (which is basically a table). Select the table by moving your cursor to the top left of the table until it turns into a four headed arrow. Left click once to select the table. Now you can click on the TABLE TOOLS DESIGN tab at the top of the page and use the “Shading” option to add a background colour. Remember that this colour will ONLY apply to your template. You could add the same colour background to your text box - although our mirrored text boxes are transparent by default. This can be done using the “Shape Fill” option in the DRAWING TOOLS FORMAT tab.

Remember, if you are adding any additional elements we strongly recommend setting up your design in the first blank label. Delete the existing text boxes from the rest of the label template. Then select your first completed label. Place your cursor in the bottom left corner and triple click the left button quickly. Copy your design and then paste it into the rest of your blank labels.

Download Mirrored Label Templates From Label Planet

To download any of our label templates, simply head on over to our Label Templates home page. Click on your label shape and select your label size from the list. This takes you to the individual Label Template information page for your self adhesive labels. Download links can be found in the middle of this page. Our mirrored label templates are listed under the Word Templates column. Choose a portrait or landscape mirrored label template (if applicable) and left click once on the purple link to start the download process.

Your label template will usually be downloaded to your Downloads folder. If you are asked if you want to open or save the file, we recommend choosing save. We also recommend opening Word (or other word processing software) first and using “File” > “Open” to locate and open your label template. Remember, the file will probably be locked for security reasons because you downloaded it from the internet. There should be a yellow banner going across the top of the page. Click on the Enable Editing button to unlock the label template.

You should be able to see the layout of your sticky labels in the form of a dotted grey outline. If you cannot see this outline, Table Gridlines are turned off. To turn them on again, left click once anywhere in the middle of the page to bring up the TABEL TOOLS LAYOUT tab. Click on the “View Gridlines” button on the left hand side of the ribbon.

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