Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Label Planet TEMPLATE TUESDAY: Downloading Label Templates 101


There are THREE ways to get a label template for your self adhesive labels:
  1. Make your own label template
  2. Use an existing label template that is built into your software
  3. Download a standalone label template
Most people won’t want to create their own label template (either because they aren’t sure how to do this or they’d prefer to save time by using an existing label template) and many don’t have access to a built-in template (because their software doesn’t offer built-in label templates OR it doesn’t have a label template that is compatible with their label size) – which means that they will need to download a standalone template.

Some label manufacturers and suppliers provide label templates on their website (like Label Planet!), others direct customers to resources where they can find label templates, and the rest leave customers to find their own label templates.

Downloading Label Templates

Generally speaking, the process of downloading label templates follows these basic steps:
  1. Visit the website of your label manufacturer / supplier to find a suitable label template download.
    Most websites have dedicated label template sections OR include a label template download on the product page for your self adhesive labels.
    To download a Label Planet label template, you can either visit our Template Section or visit the product page of your self adhesive labels and click on the purple “Label Templates And Printing Information” link to reach the template information page for your label size.
  1. Select the correct label template for your software / label design.
    At Label Planet, we supply label templates in a .docx file format (for use with word processors such as Word and Pages) and a .pdf file format (for use with graphics software such as Photoshop and InDesign). We also provide different template formats including Portrait and Landscape orientations, Text Box and Mirrored Text Box Templates (if you are adding just text or need to create mirrored – reversed – text), and Bleed Templates (for designs with full colour backgrounds). If you aren’t sure about using different formats, it’s best to stick to the basic Portrait or Landscape options.
  1. (Left) click once on the text link or icon to begin downloading your label template.
    Our label template downloads can be found halfway down each template information page; they are purple text links listed under the headings “Word Templates” and “PDF Templates”.
  1. If you are asked whether you want to SAVE or OPEN your label template, select SAVE.
    Usually, downloaded files will be saved to a specific “Downloads” folder (unless you have previously specified that downloaded files are to be saved elsewhere). To open your label template, we recommend first opening the software you intend to use to design your self adhesive labels and using the “File” > “Open” menu options to locate and open your saved label template.
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