Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Label Planet TEMPLATE TUESDAY: How To? – How To Find & Open A Built-In Template In Word


To find and open a built-in label template in Word, simply follow these simple steps:

1. Open Word and create a new BLANK DOCUMENT

2. Click on the MAILINGS tab at the top of the page and then click on LABELS. This will bring up a "Envelopes and Labels" box; to access the list of built-in templates, click on the OPTIONS button.

3. Ensure that the LABEL VENDOR is set to AVERY A4/A5 and locate your Avery template in the list. Click OK, and then click on the NEW DOCUMENT button in the "Envelopes and Labels" box.
Some of our label sizes are compatible with Avery's Zweckform range; this will be noted on the template information page and you will need to set the label vendor to Avery Zweckform).

There are a LOT of built-in Avery templates in this list; left click once on ANY of the codes and type the first character(s) of your code to jump down the list.

A new Word document will open, containing the label template you have chosen. You should be able to see the layout of your labels in the form of a table with a light grey dotted outline (see right).

If you can't see the outlines, you have Table Gridlines turned off; to turn them on, left click once anywhere in the middle of the page to bring up two "Table Tools" tabs at the top of the ribbon. Click on the LAYOUT tab and then click on the VIEW GRIDLINES button.

To find out what Avery template code you need to use to print the self adhesive labels you have bought from Label Planet, simply visit the product page for your sticky labels and click on the purple "Label Templates And Printing Information" link - this will take you to the Template Information page for that label size, where any compatible Avery codes will be listed just below the measurements of that label size.

Alternatively, you can start from our TEMPLATE HOME PAGE; select your label shape and then locate your label size in the list.

Next Week On Template Tuesday: Definitions - What Does "Compatible" Mean?

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