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Label Planet TEMPLATE TUESDAY: Label Templates; Designing & Printing Labels – A Summary


Over the last 31(!) weeks we’ve looked at the process of designing and printing your own self adhesive labels; from sourcing a label template, adding a design to your label template, and finally printing your label template onto your blank labels (including a few troubleshooting tips to help you out at each stage).

While printing your own A4 labels can be a quick, easy, and cost effective way to create a set of sticky labels that are just perfect for whatever project you’ve got in mind, there are plenty of small things that can make a big difference to how well (or otherwise) your blank labels turn out.

While some small things ruin the alignment of your label template, others can help to create the perfect print on your A4 labels – the trick is knowing how to avoid potential problems and how to use certain tools effectively, which isn’t always easy (or obvious) if you don’t have much experience designing and printing your own adhesive labels.

Our hope is that this label template blog will be a useful resource for anyone to use when they need to design and print their own A4 labels, so for our last post of the year we've created a summary of all the topics we’ve covered so far (before we return next year to examine even more template troubles, tricks, and troubleshooting tips!)…

The TEN Things You Need To Print Your Own Labels

A brief list of the things you’ll need when printing A4 labels.

The Different Types Of Templates (& How To Choose The Right One For You)

An explanation of the difference between standalone and built-in label templates, single design and multiple design label templates, and Word templates and PDF templates, along with definitions of Portrait, Landscape, Text Box, Mirrored, Bleed, and “Alternative” templates.

How To Find & Open A Label Template

Step by step instructions for how to find and open built-in templates and standalone templates.

How To Make Your Own Label Template

A guide to creating your own label template with step by step instructions for Word.

Label Templates – Avery Templates 101

A guide to Avery templates, including advice on finding a compatible Avery code for your Label Planet labels.

Troubleshooting Tips For Choosing The Right Label Template

If you’re having trouble (or have questions about) finding the right label template for your label size, our troubleshooting tips are a good place to start!

Always Start With A Plan

A brief bit of advice on how to start designing a label template.

Build From The Background Forward

Top tips for creating label designs that are made up of multiple layers.

Copy & Paste 101

A beginner’s guide to what “copy and paste” actually means and how to use these tools.

How To Select (Highlight) Content In Word

A beginner’s guide to selecting different items in Word (and how to this as effectively as possible).

Copy & Paste 102

A guide to using copy and paste when designing a label template.

Getting Things In Line With The Perfect Alignment

A brief definition of what the term “alignment” actually means with regards to label templates.

Choosing Suitable Shapes & Logical Layouts

Top tips for creating the perfect label design for the specific label shape and layout of your blank labels.

Tackling Text-Only Templates

Top tips for designing label templates that only contain text.

Getting Inventive With Image-Only Templates

Top tips for designing label templates that only contain images.

Tops Tips For Combining Text & Images In Word

Top tips for designing label templates that contain text and images.

Finding Word’s Design Tools & Features

A guide to the design tools available in Word, along with instructions on how to find and use them effectively.

Using Word’s Arrange Toolbar To Create A Perfectly Arranged Template

A more detailed guide to the “Arrange” set of design tools in Word and how they can help to create a perfect design in your label template.

Labels & Mail Merges 101

A guide to Mail Merge tools and a step by step guide to using Word’s “Step By Step Mail Merge Wizard” to create address labels or product labels from a single label template and a data source.

How To Create Window Stickers Using A Mirrored Template In Word

A guide to using Mirrored templates in Word to create window stickers that can be applied onto one side of a window and read from the other side.

When & How To Use A Bleed Template

A guide to what Bleed templates are and how they can be used to create perfectly printed self adhesive labels.

Top Tips For…Rectangular Labels

Top tips for designing a label template for rectangular labels.

Top Tips For…Round Labels & Oval Labels

Top tips for designing a label template for round labels, circular labels, and oval labels.

Why The Kiss Principle Creates Perfectly Practical Labels

A brief bit of advice about how keeping things simple can help to create the perfect label template (without driving yourself crazy in the process).

Troubleshooting Tips For Trouble-Free Label Designs

If you’re having trouble (or have questions about) designing a label template, these troubleshooting tips should help you pull off your design with a minimal amount of fuss!

Printing Templates 101

A brief guide to what happens when you “press print”.

Choosing The Right Printer To Print Your Labels

Top tips for choosing the “right” printer to print your own A4 labels, including information about laser printers, inkjet printers, dedicated printers, all-in-one printers, photo printers, print media, media types and media weights, media bypass trays, printer resolution, and “extra” features that are ideal for printing adhesive labels.

Choosing The Right Print Settings To Print Your Labels

A guide to choosing the right print settings to get the best possible alignment and print quality on self adhesive labels.

Top Tips For Loading Your Labels To Align Your Design Perfectly

Top tips for loading your printer labels correctly to avoid alignment issues.

The First Rule Of Printing Labels: ALWAYS DO A TEST PRINT FIRST


Troubleshooting Tips For Trouble-Free Printing

If you’re having trouble (or have questions about) printing a label template accurately, these troubleshooting tips should help you to fix any alignment or print quality issues that you encounter when printing laser labels or inkjet labels.

And that’s all folks!

We’ll be back in January with more tips and tricks to designing and printing your own label templates; if you have any suggestions or questions that you’d like us to feature in the Label Planet Template Blog, simply send us an email and we’ll do our best to provide a suitable solution!

Remember, if you need any advice or tips you can always visit our Help Pages for Guides and Troubleshooting Tips - and you'll find label templates for all of our label sizes on our dedicated Label Templates pages.

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