Friday, 20 October 2017

Stikins ® Name Labels: Fly Away Home With Our List Of Names Inspired By Feathered Friends

Today is the 385th anniversary of the birth of Sir Christopher Wren, who is best known as the architect who rebuilt 52 churches after the Great Fire of London (including St Paul’s Cathedral), although he was also an anatomist, astronomer, mathematician, and physicist.

To celebrate this anniversary, we thought we’d gather up a flock of names inspired by our feathered friends.

Among Stikins ® customers, the top five most popular bird-inspired names are:

With an honourable mention to the mythical Phoenix!

You could also try these wonderful names with distinctly avian-based inspirations:

ADERYN: “bird” in WelshAQUILA: “eagle” in Latin
AGHAVNI: “dove” in ArmenianARAS: “eagle” in Lithuanian
ALCYONE: from an Ancient Greek nameAREND: “eagle” in Dutch
meaning “kingfisher”ARI: old Norse name meaning “eagle”
ALONDRA: “lark” in SpanishASTOR: from the Occitan astur (“hawk”)
BRANWEN: “beautiful raven”
(from the Welsh elements bran (“raven”)
and gwen (“fair, white, blessed”))
BERTRAM/RAMBERT: both created from the Germanic elements beraht (“bright”) and hramn (“raven”)
DERYN: possibly derived from the Welsh aderyn (“bird”)BRAN: both a Welsh and an Irish name meaning “raven”
DOVE: the English name for this birdCOLUM: from the Latin columba (“dove”)
FAIGEL: from the Yiddish for “bird”CORBIN: from the French corbeau (“raven”)
HALCYON: from a genus of kingfishersFALK: “falcon” in German
JEMIMA: “dove” in HebrewFECHÍN: “little raven” in Irish
LÆRKE: “lark” in DanishHAYTHAM: “young eagle” in Arabic
LAGLE: “goose” in EstonianHRAFN: “raven” in Old Norse
LARK: the English name for this songbirdMAYUR: “peacock” in Sanskrit
PALOMA: “dove, pigeon” in SpanishRABAN: from the Germanic hraban (“raven”)
 SHAHIN: “peregrine falcon” in Persian

Female names tend to be inspired by songbirds, while male names tend to be inspired by birds of prey – however, by far and away the most popular inspiration is the RAVEN, which inspired over a quarter of the names that we found during our search.

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