Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Label Planet TEMPLATE TUESDAY: Designing A Label Template – Tops Tips For Combining Text & Images In Word


Over the last two Template Tuesdays, we’ve looked at text-only and image-only label designs; this week, we’re offering a few top tips to help overcome the problems that can arise when you need to create a label design in Word that combines the two together.

As we’ve mentioned before, Word is Word Processing software and was designed specifically for adding and editing text. While it offers some basic functions and tools for working with other elements (like images), Word will always prioritise text over anything else that you add to a document – which can have a nightmarish effect on designing a label template when you need to be able to position text and images closely together (or even layer them) to create the design you want.

  1. For multi-layered designs, plan ahead and decide how you're going to add each one.
    If your label design is made up of multiple layers, you need to think about how you're going to create and layer the elements that make up your design. You also need to remember that the template is basically a table, which is a layer in itself (and one that Word expects you to add text to), so you may need to move other elements forward to ensure they remain above the background template layer.
  2. Always change the default “Wrap Text” option for images.
    The default option is "In Line With Text", which will limit your control over where an image sits in your template. If you want your text and image to sit closely together we recommend choosing the "Tight" option, while if you need to layer an image in front of or behind your text you should select the "In Front Of Text" or "Behind Text" respectively.
  3. Consider putting text into a text box (or WordArt).
    This creates a single object that you can reposition and resize as needed, which gives you much more control than if you simply type your text into each label.
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