Friday, 30 June 2017

Stikins ® & Trons ®: Summer Names For The Summer Season

Last week saw the arrival of the summer solstice and today is the last day of June, which means it must officially and definitely be summer! So we thought we’d take a look at some suitably sunny names that are perfect for the summer season.



All of the summer months are used as names but they also have symbols associated with them that offer a variety of subtly summery names:

JUNO – the Roman Goddess for whom the month was (possibly) named
PEARL – a birthstone associated with June
ROSE – a flower associated with June
HONEY(SUCKLE) – a flower associated with June
CASTOR / POLLUX – the twins associated with Gemini, a zodiac sign linked to June
HERCULES – the Greek hero who defeated Karkinos (the crab of the zodiac sign Cancer)

JULIUS – the Roman general for whom the month was named
RUBY – a birthstone associated with July
LARKSPUR – a flower associated with July
(WATER)LILY – a flower associated with July
LEO – one of the zodiac signs linked to July

AUGUSTUS – the Roman Emperor for whom the month was named
PERIDOT – a birthstone associated with August
POPPY – a flower associated with August
(SWORD)LILY – a nickname for Gladiolus, a flower associated with August
ASTRAEA – the Greek Goddess associated with the zodiac sign Virgo

Visit our website to order Stikins ® name labels this summer – we’ll be printing and despatching name labels all summer long in preparation for the new school year. We print name labels every day (Monday to Friday), which means that all orders we receive by 3pm will be made and despatched same day. Orders received after 3pm or over the weekend will be made on the next working day.

All of our orders are sent out via Royal Mail’s first class service as standard and shipping is included in our prices. We also offer the option to upgrade to a guaranteed next day delivery option (by phone only, shipping cost £5.75) if you need to receive your labels in a hurry.

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Label Planet: FAQs – Which Label Adhesive Should I Choose?

Visitors to our website may have noticed that we offer a range of label adhesives to suit a range of label applications; while this should provide our customers with the perfect label for their unique requirements, it can be a bit tricky to make sure you’ve chosen the right one – particularly if you don’t really know very much about adhesives.

With this in mind, we’ve put together a flowchart to help guide you in the right direction when it comes to choosing the right adhesive for you. Simply follow the arrows and answer TWO easy questions to find out what kind of label adhesive is best suited to your needs.

The one exception to the first question is short term label applications that involve temporarily applying labels onto clothing (e.g. name badges worn for a networking event). In this case, we would recommend using a standard permanent adhesive; fabrics have very unusual surfaces that removable adhesives will struggle to bond with properly, while permanent adhesives will have enough strength to hold your labels in place but won't form a solid and even bond - allowing them to be safely removed from clothing. 

Remember, if you’re still not sure, you can always Request A Sample to try a few different products for yourself to make absolutely sure that they’ll do the job that you need them to do. Simply fill in our online Sample Request Form or get in touch with our Customer Service Team.

You can find out more about all of our label adhesives (and place an order for the ones you need) by visiting our LIST OF LABEL ADHESIVES page.

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Label Planet TEMPLATE TUESDAY: Designing A Label Template – Build From The Background Forward

Last week, we recommended taking the time to plan your label design to make sure that all of your elements fit neatly and efficiently onto your labels. This week our top tip is – when creating a layered design you should always work from the background forwards.

By “layered design” we mean any label design that includes a number of different elements that sit on top of or overlap each other – for example, a patterned background with a text box sitting in front of the background and an image that sits in front of the background and the text box.

The reason that we recommend starting with the background is that it is quicker and easier to build up your design in this way – especially if you are using software that wasn’t specifically created for design work (such as Word) and may have limited capabilities when it comes to creating a design with multiple layers or overlapping elements.

If you haven’t settled on the final content or design of your labels, remember you can always edit the elements that you have already added to your template to see which version works best for the final design that you’re trying to create. It’s usually easier to edit an existing element (such as a background layer) after you’ve added other elements in front of it rather than trying to add a background to other elements that need to be at the front of your label design.

We’ll take a closer look at some of the tools offered by Word to help you layer and overlap multiple elements in a later post. 

Next week on Template Tuesday: Designing A Label Template – Copy & Paste 101

Friday, 23 June 2017

Stikins ® & Trons ®: Happy #takeyourdogtoworkday From Label Planet (& Harvey The Stikins ® Dog)

Today is officially Take Your Dog To Work Day – although we would argue that EVERY day should be take your dog to work day – so we thought we’d dedicate today’s post to our very own office dog, Harvey!

Harvey has been the Label Planet office dog for years and received an early promotion in 2010 when he was made the official mascot for Stikins ® name labels. His biggest (and perhaps only) challenge to date was to – very patiently – sit through an extra rigorous grooming session in preparation for a photo shoot to promote a new version of our flagship product (as seen in this truly professional portrait):

He has his own “desk” in the office in the form of a big brown rug, although he is invariably more likely to be found lying anywhere else (in particular, anywhere else that just so happens to be in the way) and has a particular fondness for spending his afternoons sunbathing by the front door.

Facts About Harvey:
Harvey Bear, Harvey Dog, Harvey Zebedee Worgan
Best Feature:
Chief Chewer Of Boxes, Head Greeter of (New) Persons, Overseer Of Tennis Balls and Biscuits, and Team Leader For The Department Of Long Sighs, Snoring Loudly, and Squeaking Squeaky Toys At Inopportune Moments (Especially If Someone Is On the Phone)
Office Snack Of Choice:
Office Snack Of Choice While On A Diet:
Exercise Of Choice:
Long Walks
Favourite Hobbies:
Sleeping, Eating, Lying Down, Walking, Resting, Soliciting Fuss, Snoozing

Did You Know: our multipurpose Stikins ® name labels can be used to label pretty much anything and everything, so why not use some of your Stikins ® to get your pets just as organised as your kids! You can label food tins, storage containers, water bowls, and leads – although please note that we wouldn’t recommend labelling anything that your dog will (try to) put in its mouth (e.g. toys).

Our easy to use name labels simply peel off their backing sheet and can be applied onto clothing (where they should be applied onto the wash-care label) or onto personal items that you want to keep securely labelled. You can order printed Stikins ® or – if you want a more flexible approach – you can order our Stikins ® Name Label Kit, which contains sixty blank name labels and a pen so you can personalise each label however you like!

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Label Planet: Summer Is Here But Never Fear We’ve Got Labels For All Your Gear!

Today saw the arrival of the summer solstice, which means that today is officially the longest day of the year with a whopping 16 hours and 38 minutes of daylight available for whatever plans you’ve got to hand.

Obviously, here at Label Planet, we think it’d be really amazing if you used some of your extra daylight to buy some summer labels for whatever projects you’re working on – but don’t worry, we’ve made it quick and simple to order labels from us, so you’ll be done in a jiffy with plenty of time to fit as much into your day as possible.

At Label Planet, we have over 100 label sizes available in over 30 material options and we aim to stock as many of the most popular combinations as possible so your labels can be despatched same day. Our website features all-inclusive prices so you simply pay the price you see – you can also opt to upgrade to a guaranteed next day delivery option if you need to receive your labels in plenty of time for looming deadline.

Our website provides information about all of the label materials and label adhesives that we supply, contains free Word templates and PDF templates for you to download and use to print your labels, and plenty of help and advice to guide you through the process of designing and printing your own labels.

Suitably Summery Labels From Label Planet

Coloured Labels: we supply self-adhesive labels in FIFTEEN different colours so we’re sure to have an option that will add a touch of summer fun to your project, from pastels that add a subtle bloom of colour to fluorescents that add a vibrant burst of colour, along with luxurious gold labels and silver labels, and a crafty brown ribbed Kraft paper that has a subtle touch of pattern and texture.

Gloss Labels: gloss labels are a brilliant way to add a subtle summery shimmer to your labelled items and we have both a full gloss and a semi-gloss finish available – you can also choose between gloss paper labels and gloss polyester labels (which are ideal if you want waterproof labels that can survive the occasional summer shower).

Transparent Labels: transparent labels are a wonderfully decorative way to label any item or even to make your own window stickers and you can choose between a gloss finish or a matt finish to make sure your labels stand out or blend in, depending on the effect you want to create.

Waterproof Labels: perfectly suited to the summer months, we supply a range of waterproof labels, which can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications that may involve exposure to water. We particularly recommend our Marine Labels (MWP, MWPE, and MWPO), which are all made with super tough synthetic materials and a marine adhesive, which means they’ll survive in all kinds of conditions – perfect for the ever-changeable British summer.

Freezer Labels: if you’re looking to perfect some homemade delicacies or you’re a supplier of delicious summer delights, our freezer labels are designed specifically for use on items that need to be stored in deep freeze conditions.

Water Wash Off: another recommended product for customers making food and drink products over the summer months; these labels can be used to safely and securely label containers that hold food stuffs and ingredients BUT can also be removed simply by washing the containers so that you can clean and re-label them time and time again.

Visit our full List Of Label Materials to find out more or to buy any of the label materials available from Label Planet OR visit our full List of Label Adhesives for more information about the adhesives used to make our self-adhesive labels. 

You'll find plenty of tips and advice on our Help Pages and you can head on over the our Template Home Page to download a template and get printing! 

Remember, you can also Request A Sample of any of our label materials and adhesives to make sure that the labels you buy from us won't give you the summertime blues!

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Label Planet TEMPLATE TUESDAY: Designing A Label Template – Always Start With A Plan

Here at Label Planet, we always recommend taking a few moments to plan your label design before you actually start work on your template. While you might think that this is an entirely unnecessary step (and in some cases it is), sometimes taking a moment to plan ahead can help save you plenty of time (and stress) when it comes to getting your labels just right.

Obviously if you are creating a set of VERY simple address labels or logo labels (that contain JUST an address or JUST a logo) then designing your labels simply involves adding your one element to your labels – job done.

However, if you’re creating something a bit more complicated, it’s always worth taking the time to plan ahead – especially if your labels contain vital information or need to have a strong visual impact.

By “plan”, we don’t mean a detailed diagram measured down to the nth degree – simply having a list of what you want to include on your labels might be enough to help you keep your label design under control.

We recommend trying these simple tips for a trouble free template design:
  • If your label design includes text – TYPE IT UP. This will allow you to see exactly how much room you need to make sure that all of your text fits onto your label AND at a font size that is legible to the human eye.
  • Make a quick sketch showing where each element will sit in your finished label design; this doesn’t need to be detailed or measured – just sketch a set of outlines showing where each bit goes to make sure that you’ve definitely got enough room to fit everything in.
As with everything, sometimes less is more and if you’re trying to fit a lot of elements onto a single label it can soon become cluttered, messy, and possibly even completely illegible.

Making a plan or outline of what you want to include in your design will allow you to make sure your design will do the job you need it to – whether that’s clearly displaying your company brand or product information, outlining important health and safety warnings or instructions for use, or simply creating a strong visual message with a professional, high quality finish.

If you find that you’ve simply got too much text or too much going on in your label design, you can scribble a few bits out or quickly sketch out an alternative – without wasting your time and getting frustrated trying to force your template into shape.

In fact, we actually recommend planning your design while you’re in the process of choosing your labels – this way you can make sure that the labels you purchase are the right size for your requirements, so you don’t end up squeezing everything onto labels that are too small, buying extra labels so that you can split your design across multiple labels, or having massive labels plastered across your items that contain a design that would look far more effective and clean cut on a smaller label size.

You can find full measurements for all of our label sizes by visiting our Template Home Page and selecting the relevant label shape and size. 

Next week on Template Tuesday: Designing A Label Template – Build From The Background Forward

Friday, 16 June 2017

Stikins ® & Trons ®: Fun Facts & Truly Scrumptious Names For National Picnic Week

Today marks the beginning of National Picnic Week, which aims to get us all out and about in the great outdoors with family, friends, and a good old pic-a-nic basket!

Picnics are a really easy way to organise a fun day out that won’t cost you the earth – all you need is food, fun extras to keep you and the kids amused, friends and family, and a picnic-friendly venue to set up camp. There are plenty of ways to keep everyone entertained from taking along a football or Frisbee, arming yourself with a good book or puzzle book, or even downloading a few apps full of fun games to keep you all amused.

Picnics – FUN FACTS
The concept of a “picnic” has varied hugely over time and has previously referred to medieval hunting feasts, country banquets, Victorian garden parties, and even indoor social gatherings or dinner parties at which every guest brought their own contribution to the meal.

According to the National Picnic Week website, each of us will attend at least three picnics a year (which means that the UK sees around 94 million picnics per year) and the average family will spend £26 on a picnic (meaning that we collectively spend around £2,479,720,000 on picnics each year).

While picnics can be arranged in all sorts of shapes and sizes from intimate meals for two to large family gatherings, there have been some truly impressively picnics that have managed to pick up World Records along the way, including:

The Longest Picnic Table – 322.42 metres long (2nd April 2017 / Réunion)
The Longest Picnic Line – 2,277 metres long (15th July 2012 / Canada)
The Largest Picnic – 22,232 people (20th June 2009 / Portugal)
The Largest Picnic Blanket – 1,760 square metres (April 2008 / Woven In Wales & Laid Out In South Africa)

We’ve had a quick rummage around in our basket of previous orders to see if we could find any suitably sweet names to match our picnic theme and found Téa, Clementine, Honey, Cherry, Berry, and Candy.

Admittedly, this probably isn’t the healthiest selection for a real life picnic but we also found a whole selection of names meaning “sweet” that provide a subtler addition to our picnic theme: Anush, Dulcie, Esti, Madhu (Madhur/Madhuri), Miela, Pamela, Pollux, and Shirin.

Hopefully, you’ll have time this summer to indulge in a relaxing picnic (or two) and remember, if you need to get any food containers or drinks bottles labelled, you can always use Stikins ® name labels to make sure that everybody’s stuff is clearly and securely labelled (so at least you know there won't be any arguments about which water bottle belongs to whom when you’re trying to pull off a peaceful family picnic).

Stikins ® name labels can be used to label all kinds of personal items; simply make sure that your item is clean and dry, then peel one of your name labels off its backing sheet and apply it directly onto the item. Use your thumb to smooth the label down to make sure that the adhesive fully bonds with the surface.

If you are labelling clothing or fabric items, you should apply your name labels to the wash-care label. In shoes, we recommend that you stick your name labels onto the side wall or beneath the tongue – if you apply Stikins ® to the floor of the shoe, the print will disintegrate over time due to the friction generated between it and the heel. 

Visit our website today to Find Out More about Stikins ® name labels or to Place An Order.

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Label Planet: Get Creative With Gloss Clear Labels From Label Planet

This week, we’re taking an in-depth look at one of our synthetic self-adhesive labels, GLOSS CLEAR POLYESTER INKJET LABELS, which have a few useful features that make them perfect for all kinds of creative purposes.

These labels have a high gloss finish, which means that they are very efficient at reflecting light and so have an attractive bright and shiny appearance. This makes these labels extremely popular for any label application that requires the use of a decorative and/or professional looking label – but one that avoids being too overpowering or colourful.

Our GCP labels are made with a transparent polyester and a transparent adhesive, which means that – once applied onto a solid white or coloured background – they can be seen through quite clearly. While our transparent labels are not frosted or translucent, they are not “glass clear”; in other words, when a label is applied onto glass, the adhesive will cause some bubbles of air or dust to be trapped beneath the label which prevents it from having a truly 100% transparent appearance.

These labels are a brilliant way to add branding or additional information onto all kinds of items because they won’t obscure or detract from any existing designs on the surface being labelled. They’re also ideal if you are having trouble colour matching labels to your existing print or design.

Polyester is a synthetic material that is extremely tough and durable, which means these labels can be used in a wide range of environments and for all kinds of applications. The labels themselves are waterproof and long lasting, which makes them ideal for both short term or long term applications.

Polyester does have a strong memory (i.e. when the material is distorted in some way – for example, by bending it around a narrow curve – it will try to return to its original flat state), which means that these labels may not be suitable for labelling extremely curved surfaces such as very narrow cylinders. 

GCP labels are designed specifically for use with inkjet printers, which means that they can be used to produce extremely high quality label designs – including reproductions of photographs and high resolution artwork.

It should be noted that, while the labels themselves are waterproof, most inkjet inks are water-based and this means that the print will run or smudge if it gets wet or is handled a lot. To create waterproof printed labels using GCP you would need to either purchase a protective spray to cover the print or you would need to apply a second label over a printed label in order to protect the print from exposure to water. 

Our range of GCP labels is extremely popular for a variety of label applications including decorative address labels, product labels and packaging labels, promotional and marketing labels, and decorative window stickers.

They can also be used to create mini dry-wipe boards that can be written on using a dry-wipe marker pen before wiping clean so you can use them again and again (and again and again!).

To find out more or to buy your own marvellous GLOSS CLEAR POLYESTER INKJET LABELS simply visit the GCP range page or fill in our online SAMPLE REQUEST FORM to try before you buy.

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Label Planet TEMPLATE TUESDAY: Troubleshooting Tips For Choosing The Right Label Template

Over the last five weeks, we’ve been looking at defining what label templates are, how to find the right template for you, and how to open a template so that you can get busy designing your own labels.

This week, we’re looking at a few troubleshooting hints and tips for finding the right label template based on some of the most frequently asked questions we get from our own customers.

Where Do I Get A Template To Print The Labels I’ve Bought From You?
All of our label sizes have their own template information page, which contains free Word templates and PDF templates for you to download and use. To get to the template information page for your labels you need to:
  • Go to our TEMPLATE HOME PAGE; select your label shape and label size
  • OR go to the product page for your labels and click on “Label Templates And Printing Information For this Label”
The template download links are listed in the middle of the template page and are purple in colour; we offer a range of different template formats to suit a variety of label designs, including options for Portrait or Landscape templates, Text Box and Mirrored Word templates, and Bleed templates. Simply click on the link for the template you want to download!

Alternatively, if your labels have a compatible Avery code (these are listed on the product page, product packaging, and template information pages for each product), you can use an Avery template that is built in to your software.

What Software Should I Use To Design My Labels?
It’s up to you. Most people use whatever software they already have installed on their computer but you may want to source new software that is designed for designing and printing labels if you don’t have anything suitable already on your computer.

We don’t recommend any particular software because it’s up to you to decide what you are comfortable with (particularly if you would need to purchase and learn how to use your new software).

Should I Download A Word Template Or A PDF Template?
You should download a template that is compatible with the software that you intend to use to design and print your labels (i.e. that is in a file format that your software can edit). Our Word templates use the .docx file format and can be edited by a variety of word processing software including Word, Pages, LibreOffice etc. Our PDF templates can be used with any graphics package that is capable of editing the .pdf file format (e.g. InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop etc).

When I Download A Template, I Am Asked If I Want To Open Or Save The File – What Should I Do?
We recommend choosing save – you can then use your software to open the saved file so that it can check that it can read and edit the file correctly (and convert the file if necessary) before you start adding your design.

How Do I Open A Word Template On My Mac?
Word templates can be used in Pages, the word processor included with Apple devices. You simply download and save the Word template you need onto your device. You then open Pages, click on File and then Open and browse to the folder where your template is saved (when downloading files from the internet, they are usually saved to the Downloads folder).

Why Can’t I See The Outlines Of My Word Template?
If you open a Word template and you cannot see the outline of the labels, Table Gridlines are turned off. To turn them on, you should left click somewhere in the middle of the page to bring up the Table Tools “Layout” tab at the top of the page. Click on this tab and then click on the “View Gridlines” button on the left hand side of the ribbon at the top of the page.

Please note, Word also contains a tool called Page Gridlines (which adds a grid to your page to help you accurately line up different elements), which is listed under the “View” tab at the top of the page.

Why Don’t Your Word Templates Show Circles/Ovals For Round Labels/Oval Labels?
Word templates are basically a table that represents the layout of a sheet of labels; each cell in the table represents either a label or a blank gap between two labels. This means that Word templates can only represent square or rectangular areas and so – to create Word templates for round labels or ovals labels – a compromise is used. Each label will be represented by a square or rectangular cell in the table whereby the outermost points of the label touches the four sides of the cell.

Why Can’t I Make Changes To My Template?
There are two main reasons why you might not be able to make changes to your template:
  • You have downloaded a template from the internet and your software has temporarily put it into a locked protective state for security reasons. Usually there will be a message on your screen to warn you that the file might not be safe (such as the yellow “PROTECTED VIEW” banner that appears at the top of Word documents) and a button for you to press to acknowledge that you want to open and use the file (e.g. “Enable Editing”).
  • You may have opened a template in software that can READ the file but not EDIT it – in other words, your software can display what the file looks like but cannot make any changes to it. For example, the free PDF viewer Adobe Reader can display PDF files but you cannot make changes to those files.
Why Has My Word Template Split Onto 2 Pages?
There are a few reasons why a Word template might split across two pages:
  • You have accidentally added content above the template. Move your cursor to the top of the page and left click once – if this creates a flashing text cursor, you can use the “Delete” key on your keyboard to move your template back up into place.
  • If you have added content to your template, Word may have “helpfully” resized your template to allow your content to fit; double check the size of each label (and gap) in your template to make sure they are still correct.
    [Left click once inside a label (or gap), select the Table Tools “Layout” tab at the top of the page, and look for the width and height boxes to see the size of that label (or gap).]
  • Your software has automatically adjusted the template to suit its own rules and requirements, which may differ from those of Word. For example, Apple’s Pages has a minimum table row height of 3.2mm, which means that any template that uses a smaller row height will automatically be resized to suit the default minimum. You will need to delete the rows that represent the gaps between your labels and increase the height of the labels to accommodate for the gaps.
Why Can’t I Find My Avery Code On Your Website/In My Software?
There are a couple of reasons why you might not be able to find an Avery template on our website or in your software:
  • We may not supply that particular size; while we supply a lot of label sizes that are the same as those supplied by Avery, we do not match Avery’s list of products.
  • We may not supply that particular size – because it is an American size. America uses a different page size to the UK, which is known as “Letter” (or American Letter), and labels designed for use in the US are supplied on Letter sheets and in measurements of inches – in contrast to UK labels, which are supplied on A4 sheets and in measurements of cm/mm.
  • The Avery template code may be for a product that Avery has discontinued or that wasn’t considered “popular” enough for inclusion in the set of built in Avery templates supplied with your software.
You can find complete lists of all of the Avery template codes that are compatible with our label sizes in our LIST OF AVERY CODES (with compatible Label Planet sizes) and our LIST OF LABEL PLANET CODES (with compatible Avery sizes).

Can You Send Me A Template?
If you are struggling to find, download, or open a template, you can always get in touch with us to let us know and we will email you a copy of the template you need as an attachment.

Next week on Template Tuesday: Designing A Label Template – Always Start With A Plan

Friday, 9 June 2017

Stikins ® & Trons ®: Schools – Have You Requested Your Free Samples Yet?

Once again, we’re offering schools and PTAs the chance to boost their fundraising totals by requesting free printed samples of our Stikins ® name labels to hand out to parents. In the past, we’ve found that these samples are a really effective way to get more parents to actually buy and use name labels on their children’s school uniform and equipment – which will both reduce the amount of lost property that your school has to deal with and boost the amount of commission that you earn through the Stikins ® fundraising scheme.

This year, we’re offering free samples to schools in May, June, and September – which means that there are only a few weeks left to request your samples before the summer break.

All you need to do is to request your samples (by emailing us or by filling in our online Request Form) and send us an Excel spreadsheet containing the names you need printing (with the first names in the first column and the surnames in the second column).

If your school has data protection guidelines in place that prevent you from sending full names you can also request samples printed with class names, initials, or just first names or initials and surnames. We only use the spreadsheet of names for the purpose of printing your samples; once your samples have been printed, the spreadsheet is completely deleted from our system. 

We pack each sample individually with its own set of instructions and information leaflet. You can request samples for your new intake (who will be starting in September) OR – if you have added a link to your school or PTA website – you can request free samples for the whole school (this offer is available once per school but you can request samples for new intake each year).

Many schools like to send out welcome packs to new starters with information about the school and school uniform requirements, which provides an excellent way to introduce Stikins ® name labels to parents.

Visit our website to Find Out More about our fundraising scheme or to request your Free Samples (and to register if you haven't already!).

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Label Planet: Last Minute School Labels For The End Of The Summer Term

The approach of summer brings with it all kinds of important school events; exams, sports days, summer concerts and performances, end of year reports, and – of course – preparations for September when the new school year starts.

If you’re a school in need of some last minute labels for any of your end of term events, projects, or general administration, Label Planet has got plenty of self-adhesive labels to help you get organised before you shut down for summer.

Many of our labels are available for same day despatch from stock and we offer special delivery options to help make sure your labels arrive in plenty of time.

We also offer schools the opportunity to request a School Invoice, which provides 30 days for payment; simply send us an official school purchase order (or a signed order on the school’s letterhead) via email or fax and we’ll get your order processed and despatched along with a School Invoice.

Paper Labels
Ideal for getting organised, our paper labels come in a variety of label sizes suitable for a wide range of applications in schools including; Target Setting & Assessment (e.g. progress labels, “I can” labels, and self-assessment and reflection labels), Marking & Feedback (e.g. marking conventions and criteria, feedback labels, merit labels or reward stickers, and effective marking labels), Lesson Planning (e.g. lesson objectives, success criteria, and WALT and WILF statements), Pastoral Care (e.g. names on student files, behaviour comments on student files and/or planners, and merit labels), and General School Administration (e.g. labelling books, files, equipment, library books, and storage containers).

Coloured Labels
Perfect for busy school environments, coloured labels are a quick and easy way for teachers and members of staff to get stuff colour coded, sorted, and organised AND they’re a fun way to provide children with rewards and feedback on their progress.

We supply seven pastel colours and five fluorescent colours that can be used to colour code items according to all kinds of criteria including indicators for specific classes, subjects, levels of achievement, or behavioural issues. They’re ideal for clearly setting out targets and achievements, providing feedback and charting progress, defining important information and criteria for specific subjects, and as reward stickers or merit badges.

Gold & Silver Labels
Our metallic gold labels and silver labels are ideal for use as part of your school’s reward system and can be used to create individual reward stickers and merit badges OR as part of certificates that are handed out to pupils who have shown particular improvement or success in a subject or event.

Gold, Silver, & Bronze Stars
Brand new this year, our star stickers are a brilliant way to give feedback to pupils about how much they’ve achieved – whether you are rewarding academic achievement or achievements in extracurricular activities such as sports or performing arts. You can use them on classwork and homework, end of term/end of year reports, or on certificates being produced for end of year presentations or events like sports days.

We supply our star stickers in packs of gold stars, silver stars, bronze stars, or an assortment of the three colours.

Visit the SCHOOL SECTION of our website to find out more about how Label Planet can help you to order, design, and print your own school labels OR take a look at our LIST OF LABELS to find out more about all of the different labels available from Label Planet. 

If you need any help ordering or choosing the right school labels, remember you can always contact our Customer Service Team who will be happy to help!

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Label Planet TEMPLATE TUESDAY: Label Templates – Avery Templates 101

This week we’re taking a closer look at Avery templates and how they can be used to print labels – whether you’ve bought Avery labels or Avery “compatible” labels. 

What are Avery templates?
Basically, an “Avery template” is a template that has been designed for the purposes of printing onto a particular label product manufactured by Avery.

So why do other label companies (like Label Planet) mention Avery templates – when they don’t sell Avery labels?
You may have noticed that we – like other label manufacturers and suppliers – list Avery template codes on our website. This is because, while we DON’T sell Avery labels, we supply some label sizes and layouts that are exactly the same as those supplied by Avery (they are “compatible” with Avery labels/templates).

This means that you can use an Avery template to print onto our labels (or you could use one of our templates to print onto Avery labels) – providing that the two are compatible (i.e. use the same label size and layout).

We list compatible Avery template codes on the product page, product packaging, and template information page for all of our label sizes. We have also compiled two pages that you can use to cross-reference between our label sizes and Avery sizes; use the “Search By Avery Code” page to look up an Avery code to see if we offer a compatible size and use the “Label Sizes With Compatible Avery Codes” page to look up a Label Planet code to see if there is a compatible Avery template code. 

So do all label companies supply labels that are the same size as Avery labels?
Most companies will sell at least some label products that are the same as Avery labels. Over time, the brand “Avery” has become synonymous with labels, which means that the sizes produced by Avery tend to be extremely popular. Generally speaking, however, these sizes are “standard” label sizes (i.e. they fit well onto an A4 sheet – without leaving waste around the labels – and are useful in a range of label applications), which means that they are provided by most label manufacturers and suppliers, although many customers will still think of them as “Avery” sizes.

You may find that these label manufacturers and suppliers actually offer a much bigger range of label sizes, materials, and adhesives than Avery (usually along with more competitive pricing). You will note that some of our label sizes do not have any compatible Avery codes listed - this is because Avery simply doesn’t manufacture labels in those sizes. 

Unlike other label manufacturers and suppliers, however, Avery’s brand dominance has led to the inclusion of built in “Avery templates” in a lot of mainstream software. Some customers may prefer to use a built in template, while others may HAVE to use built in templates that are supplied with the software that they need to use to create company documentation or packaging. In these cases, you either have to buy labels from Avery OR source a label manufacturer or supplier that offers compatible label sizes.

Why do some of your label sizes have more than one compatible Avery code?
Each product manufactured by Avery has its own unique code – and that same code is also used to refer to the template that can be used to print those labels.

So, where a particular label size is available in more than one material, there will be multiple template codes that can all be used to be print onto any of those Avery products – as well as onto any label supplied by other label companies that use the same label size and layout.

For example, Avery makes a label size that features 18 labels per sheet, each measuring 100mm wide by 30mm high; this label size is available as paper labels for inkjet printers (Avery product/template code J8172) AND as paper labels for laser printers (Avery product/template code L7172). You can therefore use Avery template J8172 OR Avery template L7172 to print onto either of these Avery products AND you can also use either of these templates to print onto Label Planet’s LP18/100, which are compatible with the label size and layout used by Avery.

Label Planet product codes are made up of two parts – the label size and the label material. We have named our label templates using the label size only, so you can use the one template to print onto any products that are made in that label size. For example, you can use our template LP24/40R to print LP24/40R, LP24/40R REM, LP24/40R C, and LP24/40R FC.  

Why can’t I find a particular Avery code in my software?
The contents of the set of built in Avery templates available to you will be dependent on the software you are using AND the version of that software you are using (software manufacturers may update the list of available built in templates each time they release a new version). The Avery code you want to use might not have been deemed popular enough for inclusion OR it may belong to a product that Avery has discontinued (but other label manufacturers and suppliers still supply).

The other reason you might not be able to find a specific Avery code is that it could be a code for an American Avery label size; American Avery label sizes are measured in inches and are produced on label sheets in the American Letter paper size (8.5 inches wide by 11 inches high or 215.9mm by 279.4mm), while UK Avery label sizes are measured in cm/mm and are produced on label sheets in the A4 paper size (210mm wide by 297mm high or 8.27 inches by 11.7 inches).

Some software will contain built in templates for both UK/A4 Avery Sizes and American/Letter Avery Sizes, so you will need to select ONE of these options before you start looking for your Avery code.

Likewise, if you have downloaded Avery’s own design software from the Avery website you need to make sure you have downloaded the UK version and not the US version. If you are using American software that only contains built in templates for American Avery sizes, you will have to find an American company that can supply labels into the UK as these label sizes will not be manufactured or supplied in the UK. 

Next week on Template Tuesday: Troubleshooting Tips For Choosing The Right Label Template

Friday, 2 June 2017

Stikins ® & Trons ®: Wonderful Names For Wonderful Women!

Today sees the UK release of Wonder Woman, the first superhero film to be directed by a female director that also features a female protagonist, so we thought we’d take a look at some of the names used by female superheroes to keep their heroic identities a secret…

ANNA: member of the X-men known as Rogue
ANYA: the superhero Spider-Girl
BARBARA: both Barbara Gordon (Batgirl & Oracle) AND the superhero Mockingbird
CAROL: a superhero known as Ms Marvel, Captain Marvel, Binary, & Warbird
CAROLINE: “Carrie”, a superhero known as Robin, Catgirl, & Batgirl
CASSANDRA: Wonder Girl AND a superhero known as Batgirl, Black Bat, & Orphan
COURTNEY: the superhero Stargirl
DIANA: Amazonian superhero known as Wonder Woman
DINAH: the superhero Black Canary
DONNA: Wonder Woman's sister (Troia, Darkstar, & Wonder Woman/Wonder Girl)
DOREEN: the superhero Squirrel Girl
ELIZABETH: X-men character Psylocke (also Captain Britain) AND the first Liberty Belle
EMILY: the superhero and vampire Looker
EMMA: X-men character known as the White Queen
EVE: the superhero Nightshade
FELICIA: the superhero Black Cat
HARLEEN: better known as Harley Quinn
HARPER: the superhero Bluebird
HELENA: the superhero Huntress & Batgirl
JANET: the superhero Wasp
JEAN: X-men member known as Phoenix, Dark Phoenix, & Marvel Girl
JENNIFER: Bruce Banner's cousin (She-Hulk) AND the superhero Jade
JESSICA: Jessica Jones (Jewel, Knightress, & Power Woman) AND Spider-Woman
KAMALA: the fourth superhero to be known as Ms Marvel
KARA: cousin of Superman, known as Supergirl
KAREN: the superhero Bumblebee
KATHERINE: X-men member Kitty Pryde (Shadowcat) AND two characters known as Batwoman (Kathy/Kate) AND and the superhero Hawkeye (Hawkette & Lady Hawkeye)
KAYLA: the alias of Silver Fox
LAUREL: the superhero Silk Spectre in the Watchmen series
LINDA: alias for Supergirl (Kara Zor-El) AND another superhero also known as Supergirl
LYRA: the name of an alternative-universe version of She-Hulk
MAY: the superhero Spider-Girl
MAYA: also called Ronin, known as the superhero Echo
MONICA: a superhero known as Captain Marvel, Photon, Pulsar, & Spectrum
NATALIA: “Natasha”, member of the Avengers known as Black Widow
ORORO: X-men member Storm
RAVEN: X-men character known as Mystique
SELINA: the superhero Catwoman
SUSAN: "Sue”, Fantastic Four member Invisible Woman/Invisible Girl
VANESSA: the superhero Copycat

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