Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Label Planet: FAQ – Do You Do Label Size X In Label Material Y & Label Adhesive Z?


Some of our customers have a very precise idea of the labels that they want to buy but struggle to find that exact combination anywhere. At Label Planet, we aim to supply our customers with as many different options (and combinations of options) as possible but, unfortunately, there are a few practical considerations that limit the number of label options we can supply:
  1. SPACE: sadly, our company name suggests a rather grander scale that that of our office and warehouse, which means that we simply don’t have the room to stock every possible label size and material combination.
  2. COST: the combinations that we DO supply are “standard” products that are manufactured in bulk on a regular basis – which means we can offer these products to our customers at great value prices. More unusual combinations tend to be made in smaller quantities and only as and when they are requested, which means they incur much higher manufacturing costs (and lead times).
  3. PRACTICALITY: we also have to consider the practical challenges created by certain combinations, which would make those combinations difficult to work with and therefore unsuitable for our customers’ applications. For example, we don’t supply extremely large or extremely small label sizes because the former tend to waste a lot of material and the latter have a high risk of peeling off their backing sheet as they are pulled around and between the rollers in desktop printers.
So, how do you find out if the label size and material combination you want is available from Label Planet?
We aim to keep our website fully up to date with ALL of the label sizes, materials, and adhesive options that we supply, which means that if you can’t find the size/material/adhesive combination you have in mind on our website then we probably don’t offer that particular label product.

You can view ALL of our sizes, materials, and adhesives by visiting these four pages:
LABEL SIZES (sorted by width): Search By Label Width
LABEL SIZES (sorted by height): Search By Label Height
MATERIAL OPTIONS: List Of All Label Materials
ADHESIVE OPTIONS: List Of All Label Adhesives

You can find out if a particular combination is available in one of two ways:

Use our Search By Label Width or Label Height pages to find the label size that you want and click on the purple “Label Planet Code” link; this will take you to the product page for the standard matt white paper label version of that size – click on the “Label Templates And Printing Information” link to view more information about that size INCLUDING a list of all of the different material options available for that size.

Starting on our List Of All Label Materials or Label Adhesives pages, select the material or adhesive option that you are interested in by clicking on the purple “View Products” link; this will take you to the range page for that particular material or adhesive option, which provides more information about that material/adhesive along with a list of all of the available label sizes.

If I can’t find the label size and material combination I want on your website, can I request it as a bespoke option?
No – we don’t offer a bespoke label service. However, you may find that we have a similar label product that will do the job just as well and we’re more than happy to chat to customers to discuss their requirements and to try to find a suitable alternative.

Visit our Home Page to find all of our “Search By” and “List Of All” pages or visit our Contact Page to get in touch with our Customer Service Team to discuss your label requirements.

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