Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Label Planet: Cool Down This Summer With Freezer Labels For All Your Delicious Treats & Sumptuous Snacks!


Regardless of what the weather is doing, the summer months are the perfect excuse to indulge in delightful deserts and refreshing beverages. With all kinds of fantastic treats appearing just in time for the summer holidays, it’s the perfect time to get your hands on our fantastic freezer labels so all of your summer delights are labelled up and ready to go.

Our freezer labels are made with matt white paper and a special permanent adhesive, designed specifically for use in “deep freeze” conditions. These labels can be applied onto items that will be chilled or frozen at a later date OR onto items that are already chilled or frozen and (once applied) can survive exposure to temperatures ranging from -40°C to +60°C, which makes them perfect for use as product labels on food and drink goods that need to be kept cool or frozen. The adhesive also conforms to the German BgVV for indirect food contact and short term contact with dry and moist foods, which makes these labels an ideal way to safely and securely label frozen food and drink products.

The range includes 8 stocked sizes, which are available to order in packs of 25 sheets for same day despatch, and a further 38 sizes available to order (minimum order quantity of 500 sheets and up to 5 working days for despatch). Our freezer labels make it extremely quick and simple to create your own labels for foodstuffs, whether you’re an individual making homemade treats for friends and family or a company looking for a simple and cost effective way to get your goods labelled.

These freezer labels can be printed with a laser printer or handwritten – as long as you take care to choose a waterproof pen to prevent your writing running or smudging if it is exposed to condensation.

We do not advise that you print these labels with an inkjet printer, as the inks used for inkjet printing are usually water-based, which will cause them to run or smudge if they get wet through contact with condensation or if they are handled frequently.

We are often asked if we supply waterproof freezer labels to help avoid the issue of paper wrinkling when condensation forms; we have researched the possibility of offering such a product BUT because the majority of our customers use these labels on food products and need to keep their costs down as much as possible, the cost of having freezer labels made using waterproof materials would make them too expensive to be a genuine option for these customers. 

To get your summer snacks safely and securely labelled in time for some grand adventures in the summer sun (or showers), visit our Freezer Labels range page to select the size and quantity you need. 

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