Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Label Planet: Small Is Beautiful AKA Reasons Why Mini Labels Are Great!


Mini labels are a small but effective label size that can come in handy in hundreds and thousands of ways!

Our mini labels are self-adhesive labels that measure 38.1mm wide by 21.2mm high and have the product (size) code LP65/38. They’re a brilliantly compact label size that is perfect for adding bits of all-important information to all kinds of items. Whether you need to add information that absolutely HAS to stay with an item or you’ve got some information that you want to really stand out, adding it to a mini label is the perfect way to get your stuff labelled!

Mini labels are most commonly used as “Return Address Labels”; their size allows a return or contact address to be added to envelopes and parcels of all sizes to allow the recipient to return an item or to get in touch with the sender. They’re also used as product labels and pricing labels, colour coding labels for organisation or stock taking/rotation, food and drink information labels, and product and document seals.

They’re so useful, in fact, that they’re a standard size across the label industry and are one of the most popular label sizes offered by Avery. Our mini labels are compatible with Avery’s mini labels, which means you can use Avery templates (such as those built into Word) to design the labels you’ve bought from us.

Compatible Avery codes include: C2651*, E3211*, J8551*, J8651*, J8751*, L4790*, L4791*, L4792*, L4793*, L7051*, L7065*, L7551*, L7651*, L7651P*, L7651Y*, L7680*, L7690*, LR7651*

ANY of these codes will generate a template that is compatible with our LP65/38 mini labels; although you can, of course, also visit our Mini Labels template page to download a Word or PDF template from our website instead!

Because mini labels are SO popular – and for so many different purposes – we’ve made our LP65/38 labels into one of our “Popular Items”, which means we stock this size in 35 different material options for same day despatch from stock (with two extra materials – removable coloured mini labels and opaque mini labels – available to order). Customers can choose from a range of colours and transparent options, a range of finishes and materials, and a range of adhesives to make sure they find the mini label that is perfect for their particular label application.

Coloured mini labels are a perfect decorative addition to all kinds of items and can be used to match company branding and product packaging, with our metallic options being perfect for luxury or festive items and events, and our Kraft paper being ideal for creating a natural or handmade finish. Alternatively, if you’re having trouble colour matching or you’re labelling a transparent or decorative surface you can opt for one of our transparent labels to add your information to your items without covering up the surface being labelled. We also supply freezer mini labels for food and drink applications (or even research applications where samples need to be securely labelled), a range of removable mini labels for use on gift items or as temporary labels that can be removed when they are no longer need or have become outdated, a range of waterproof mini labels for use in outdoor (or damp indoor) conditions, and two tamper evident mini label products, which are a simple way to produce security seals on documents and packaging.

Visit our MINI LABELS page to find out more about these fantastically useful little labels, to find out all of the material and adhesive options available, or to go ahead and purchase your own Mini Labels today!

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