Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Label Planet: All That Glitters Is Not Gold – Because We’ve Got Brand New Label Sizes In Gold AND Silver!


Yes, the Label Planet universe is expanding once again and this time we’ve added a little more sparkle to our world with new additions to our range of Metallic Paper Labels.

We’ve introduced 15 new sizes in both our Gold Labels and Silver Labels product ranges; these sizes are available to order in boxes of 100 or 500 sheets (with up to five working days for despatch).

These self-adhesive labels are made with gold or silver paper that has a semi-gloss textured finish and a permanent adhesive; they are suitable for use with laser printers or for handwriting. Our new products include 10 rectangular label sizes and 5 circular label sizes, which means our customers now have 24 label sizes to choose from if they’re looking for a decorative label that has that extra special luxurious finish.

Our gold and silver labels are especially popular for label applications that involve labelling items that are that extra bit special or important. From product labels on gift items to address labels on wedding invitations, these labels are a simple way to add a touch of splendour to any items that deserve to be given an extra special finish.

The bright finish means they’re ideal for marketing and promotional labels that really need to stand out and they have a shine that is perfect for “big occasions”, whether that’s a wedding, a big birthday or anniversary, seasonal holidays and events (especially Christmas), or just something that’s a little bit special.

To view all of the sizes now available, visit our Gold Labels page or our Silver Labels page to place an order for the bright shiny things of your choosing.

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