Thursday, 14 April 2016

Label Planet: Splashproof VS Waterproof; Picking A Label That Won’t Be Put Off By April Showers

With the familiar phrase “April Showers” bounding about once more, we’ve been inspired to take a closer look at label products that won’t be put off by a bit of water!

We have two categories of labels that can survive exposure to water: “Waterproof” and “Splashproof” labels.

While our waterproof labels offer complete protection against exposure to (or even submersion in) water, our splashproof labels are an alternative option that provides a compromise between the full protection of waterproof labels and the complete lack of protection afforded by standard paper labels.

Our waterproof labels are made with a polyester or polyethylene face material and a waterproof adhesive. In the case of our Matt White Polyester (MWP) and Matt White Polyethylene (MWPE) labels, the adhesive used meets the BS5609 part 2 standard for marine immersion, which makes it ideal for use outdoors or in marine conditions where it may be completely submerged in water (in order to qualify for this standard, the adhesive must survive for three months in salt water).

Our waterproof adhesives are available in a variety of material options including matt or gloss finishes, white or transparent materials, and permanent or removable adhesives – so you should be able to find a waterproof label to suit your application, whether you simply need a label that can survive a more challenging environment or you’re after a decorative label that won’t be damaged if it gets wet. While our waterproof labels prove popular for a variety of applications, they’re especially popular for use on items that are to be stored or used outdoors (for example; sporting equipment or products sold in garden centres) or as product labels for items that are used indoors but may be exposed to water during use (for example; food and drink products used in kitchens, or cosmetics used in bathrooms).

However, some customers find that these labels aren’t quite what they’re looking for or that the more expensive materials push these labels out of their budget. As an alternative, we have two paper products that we categorise as “splashproof” labels: Gloss White Paper (GW) and Semi-Gloss White Paper (SG) labels. Both of these labels have gloss coatings that provide a degree of protection against water and dirt; if these labels get slightly dirty or are splashed lightly with water, they can be wiped clean and dry with no damage done. However, as they are still paper labels, they are not completely waterproof and will be damaged by exposure to (or indeed submersion in) a lot of water. If you need labels that offer SOME protection as a “just in case” measure, then these labels should do the job well enough.

It is important to note that all of our waterproof and splashproof labels are for use with laser printers ONLY (or handwriting); laser printers use heat and pressure to bond a dry powder called toner onto the surface being printed, which creates waterproof print. Inkjet printers, however, tend to use water-based inks, which means that if the print gets wet it will run and smudge.

As a quick-fire guide to our waterproof labels, you can use the table below to view all of the options available; these are listed from the most expensive to the least expensive to help you find a waterproof label that will work for you AND fit into your budget. For more detailed information about these products, visit our Waterproof Labels page.

ProductAdhesiveFace MaterialWaterproof Or Splashproof
SMPPermanentSilver Matt Metallic PolyesterWaterproof
GWPPermanentGloss White PolyesterWaterproof
MTPPermanentMatt Transparent PolyesterWaterproof
MWPPermanent (Marine)Matt White PolyesterWaterproof
MWRRemovableMatt White PolyesterWaterproof
GTPPermanentGloss Transparent PolyesterWaterproof
GTRRemovableGloss Transparent PolyesterWaterproof
MWPEPermanent (Marine)Matt White PolyethyleneWaterproof
SGPermanentSemi-Gloss White PaperSplashproof
GWPermanentGloss White PaperSplashproof

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