Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Stikins ® & Trons ®: FAQ – Can I Have Special Characters Printed On My Name Labels?


We often have customers getting in touch with us because they want to know if they can include special characters in their order – whether they’re looking to make their labels a bit more fun with a picture or they want to include accented characters in one or more of the names – so here’s a quick fire guide to what we can and cannot print.

Special Characters/Pictures/Emojis: NO
Our system is only able to process and print standard alphanumerical characters and punctuation marks. We cannot print any sort of picture or image, whether in the specific form of an emoji or a special character that creates a shape or image.

Emoticons: SOME
While we cannot print image based emoticons, we are able to reproduce the more traditional emoticons based on punctuation marks (and text); so if you’ve picked up the art of emoticons along the way then you can, of course, add in some punctuations marks to add a bit of fun to your (>^__^> name labels! <^__^<)

Accented Characters: SOME
Our system can process alphanumerical characters and punctuation marks that fall within the Standard European range of ASCII characters; this includes a number of accented characters as follows:
0192 or 183Á
0193 or 181Â
0194 or 182Ä
0196 or 142Ã
0195 or 199Å
0197 or 143
à0224 or 133á0225 or 160â0226 or 131ä0228 or 132â0226 or 131å0229 or 134
È0200 or 212É0201 or 144Ê0202 or 210Ë0203 or 211Ñ0209 or 165Æ0198 or 146
è0232 or 138é0233 or 130ê0234 or 136ë0235 or 137ñ0241 or 164æ0230 or 145
ì0236 or 141Í0205 or 214Î0206 or 215Ï0207 or 216Õ0213 or 229Ç0199 or 128
ò0242 or 149í0237 or 161î0238 or 140ï0239 or 139õ0245 or 228ç0231 or 135
Ù0217 or 235ó0243 or 162Ô0212 or 226Ö0214 or 153  Ð0208 or 209
ù0249 or 151Ú0218 or 233ô0244 or 147ö0246 or 148  ð0240 or 208
  ú0250 or 163Û0219 or 234Ü0220 or 154  Ø0216 or 157
  Ý0221 or 237û0251 or 150ü0252 or 129  ø0248 or 155
  ý0253 or 236  Ÿ0159  ƒ0131 or 159
      ÿ0255 or 152  ß0223 or 225
Unfortunately, if the accented character you require falls outside of this basic range of ASCII characters, we will be unable to print this character as part of your order.

For more answers to questions about our name labels, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

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