Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Label Planet: Need Labels For A Cover Up, Update, Or To Recycle Packaging? Try Opaque Labels!


If you need a quick and easy way to neatly cover up or replace existing print on packaging and promotional materials then Opaque Labels are the perfect solution to your problematic print work. Also known as “Blockout Labels”, these labels are designed specifically for applications where the reason for adding a label is to cover up or replace existing print on all kinds of items, including product packaging, marketing and company materials (such as brochures, flyers, or branded envelopes and packaging), or general storage items such as boxes and folders.

How do they work?
The term “opaque” refers to materials that cannot be penetrated by light, which means that those materials cannot be seen through. Opaque labels are made using an opaque face material, an opaque coating on the front or back of the face material, an opaque adhesive, or any combination of the three.

What are they used for?
Opaque labels are used to cover up or “blockout” existing print and design work. There are many reasons why an opaque label might be required including:
  • To cover up mistakes on existing materials:
    Perhaps you’ve spent a fortune having amazingly brilliant flyers, invites, mailers, brochures, or other promotional materials printed only to have someone in the office take one look at them and go “that’s not how you spell company name/product name/event name/random word”, or perhaps “are you sure that’s the right address/email/telephone number/price”, or even “that’s the wrong date/time”.Once you’ve got over the initial shock, horror, and inevitable sinking feeling, there is a choice to be made – do you have the time and/or money to get them re-printed or would it be a much better idea to simply print the correct information onto some labels and stick them over the offending error(s)?
  • To update information on existing materials:
    If you’ve previously spent a fortune having amazingly brilliant promotional materials or personalised packaging produced for your company but you’ve recently updated some of your details (for example, you’ve moved office or changed the company name), you might be reluctant to throw away items that are otherwise perfectly serviceable. Opaque labels are a simple way to update the now incorrect information, while allowing you to use up the entire batch of materials and packaging that you’ve already paid for.Alternatively, you might have an extensive filing system in the office or a well-established layout for your stock but the labels on your boxes, folders, packaging, shelves, drawers etc are out of date. Instead of trying to rip off old labels or scribble out the bits that are wrong, it might just be much quicker and neater to stick a brand new label over the top.
  • To recycle packaging:
    Whether it’s your own packaging or bits and pieces that have been used to deliver stock and equipment that you’ve ordered, it’s extremely easy to repurpose existing packaging simply by covering up existing print with a label printed with your own company details or shipping information.
  • To create completely legible print:
    Sometimes it’s simply a case of making sure that the print on your labels is completely legible and completely uninterrupted by any existing print work. For example, you might be adding product information to your packaging but the amazing design work you had printed onto your packaging shows through any standard labels that you try to add over the top, which makes the print on the product labels harder to read. An opaque label gives you a solid background against which your product information can really stand out and be as useful and effective as it’s supposed to be.
Do you sell Opaque Labels?
Yes we do! Our Opaque Labels are made with matt white paper and a permanent adhesive; the paper has an opaque backing, which prevents any print underneath the label from showing through.

We can supply these labels in nearly 40 different sizes but they are a made to order item, which means that they have a minimum order quantity of 500 sheets and a despatch estimate of up to six working days.

If you don’t need 500 sheets, or if you’d prefer a cheaper solution, we do have a few alternative options for you to consider:
  • Layer standard labels until existing print is no longer visible (requires a steady hand, extra labels, and extra time for each application).
  • Choose a thicker material; thicker materials naturally provide better coverage than standard paper labels. While they might not block out everything (particularly if the print you’re trying to cover up is particularly dark and/or bold), they might be “good enough” for the task you have in mind. Our polyester and polyethylene labels are thicker than paper materials, while our Kraft labels also provide a better level of coverage than standard paper.
  • Use our gold and silver paper labels; the materials used to make these labels combine to create an opaque finish, which is a perfect way to cover up existing print providing you don’t mind using such a decorative label (i.e. if you’re looking for a blockout label that will “blend in”, then this probably isn’t the option for you!).

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