Thursday, 22 October 2015

Stikins ® & Trons ®: Stikins ® - They’re Not Just For School Term Time (Or Even Just For Kids!)

While the majority of our Stikins ® name labels are bought by parents for use on clothing and equipment that their children need for school, these products can be used pretty much anywhere, at any time, and by anyone!

They’re brilliantly simple and quick to apply, which makes them a perfect way to help prevent the problem of items getting mixed up or going missing – in all sorts of situations that involve leaving things in shared spaces or facilities.

Stikins ® are ideal for use in nursing and residential care homes; these facilities rely on the use of shared laundry facilities and communal areas that their residents are encouraged to use and share. While staff will do their utmost to ensure that clothing and belongings remain with their rightful owners, sometimes things go missing or get mixed up – which can result in staff having to spend precious time tracking items down and can cause distress to residents who may already be unwell or distressed, and who have often brought items of particular emotional significance or sentimental value with them from home.

Adding a name label to clothing and bedding means that it is easy to ensure items are returned to their owner, which is highly beneficial for residents and staff alike. Personal items can also be labelled to help prevent any distress over such important items being lost or misplaced.

Siblings often share likes and dislikes, which means that family homes are often full of clothes and toys that are similar or even identical in appearance – and that can lead to all sorts of arguments and tantrums.

Name labels are a quick and easy way to ensure that everyone knows which item belongs to which child and they can be used on pretty much anything, from clothes and shoes to books and toys.

Stikins ® are also a brilliant assistant to have on hand for when your children are out and about, whether it’s a simple day trip, a weeklong event at a residential site, or even a summer away at a camp.

It doesn’t matter if you’re preparing for a family holiday or if your children are taking part in a trip with their school or a local activity group; any trip away will involve packing a bag with all sorts of extra bits and pieces – in the knowledge that it’s very possible that not all of it will make it back home.

Our name labels are a highly versatile multipurpose label, so you can use them to label pretty much anything. Whether it’s a packed lunch for a school trip, camping equipment and supplies, or even a spare set of clothes for “just in case” situations, our name labels can help prevent mix ups and make it easier for items to be found and returned.

You can also use name labels as a way to make sure your child always has emergency information with them; for example, you can include a phone number so they always know how to call home or you could include medical/allergy information to alert others if an emergency arises and your child requires assistance.

For most of us, going to work means sharing communal spaces with colleagues, which can lead to mix ups and items being lost.

Some businesses and organisations require employees to wear a uniform or to use identical equipment, which is often stored in shared areas. Stikins ® make it easy to label items to avoid mix ups and to help make sure that everything is returned to the right place. They can be used to add an individual’s name to personal items or to label equipment with the name of the particular branch or department of a larger organisation that owns a particular item.

Of course, Stikins ® also come in handy when it comes to the communal kitchen; whether you find that your lunch keeps going missing or someone keeps pinching your favourite mug, Stikins ® are a quick way to add your name to your stuff to make sure that you can eat your lunch or have a quick tea break in peace.

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