Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Label Planet: Prepare For A Truly Spooktacular Halloween With Labels From Label Planet!


Halloween is on the way, which means that if you’ve got exciting plans for creepy celebrations we might just have the labels for you! Whether you’re wanting to send out invitations to a monster bash or create spectacularly spooky decorations, we’ve got some fabulous label products to help you get things started with a bloodcurdling bang!

FREAKY FLUORESCENTS: these brilliantly bright labels are a stunningly simple way to add a burst of colour to your Halloween inspired projects. Featuring a Revolting Red, a Gruesome Green, a Yowling Yellow, a Malevolent Magenta, and a perfectly seasonal Outlandish Orange, this range of labels will really add a wicked burst of colour to your event.

CREEPY KRAFT: we’ve got a wonderful Kraft Label, made with ribbed Kraft paper for a subtle touch of putrid patterning and terrifying texture for all your homemade finishing touches!

HOWLING HIGH TACK: these paper labels have a supernaturally strong adhesive, which makes them perfect for sticking onto bursting bags of Halloween treats or for adding a label to your Halloween decorations or those all-important trick or treat buckets.

TAUNTING TRANSPARENTS: these transparent labels will add a touch of magic by “disappearing” into thin air, leaving behind “floating” text and images on your items. They’re also a brilliant way to make some fabulously frightening window stickers (but make sure you choose our Removable Transparent Labels, so you don’t end up with a frightful mess once the celebrations are over!).

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