Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Stikins ® & Trons ®: FAQ – What Pack Sizes Are Available?


We offer FOUR pack sizes for each of our two name label products – Stikins ® name labels and Trons ® name transfers.

Stikins ® are available in white or silver – you choose the colour you want and choose from the pack size options that appear:

N30: 30 Stikins ® name labels in white
N60: 60 Stikins ® name labels in white
N90: 90 Stikins ® name labels in white
N120: 120 Stikins ® name labels in white

SN30: 30 Stikins ® name labels in silver
SN60: 60 Stikins ® name labels in silver
SN90: 90 Stikins ® name labels in silver
SN120: 120 Stikins ® name labels in silver

If you wish to order Trons ® name transfers, you have the choice of:
T35: 35 Trons ® name transfers
T70: 70 Trons ® name transfers
T105: 105 Trons ® name transfers
T140: 140 Trons ® name transfers

If you want larger quantities you have the option of ordering multiple packs; in the basket simply change the number in the “Quantity” box and click on “update totals”. For example, if you added a N120 to your basket and then you update the quantity to 2 you will receive 240 Stikins ® name labels.

Monday, 29 June 2015

Label Planet: Get Secure With Label Planet’s Brand New Security Label Products


We’ve just introduced two brand new security label products to our range, so here’s a post to explain exactly what these labels are designed to do and how they do it.

There are all kinds of “Security” label products, which use different techniques to provide protection for high value or added value items that people want to keep safe. They may be used to act as a visual deterrent, track the location of an object, prevent counterfeiting, or provide evidence of tampering, and are often made using specialty materials, adhesives, and inks.

So which methods do our Security Labels use?
Both of our new products are “Tamper Evident Labels”; this term describes labels that are designed to provide evidence of any attempt to remove or tamper with the label – this should both prove when a label has been tampered with and provide a deterrent to anyone who wishes to steal or damage an item. Different tamper evident labels use different methods to indicate that they have been tampered with – our products make use of a frangible material and a special “VOID” adhesive.

Tamper Evident Vinyl Labels – FRANGIBLE FACE MATERIAL
These labels have a permanent adhesive and a face material made from a special type of vinyl, which has been designed to be extremely fragile. This means that, once a label has been applied to an item, it is extremely difficult to remove the entire label.

If any effort is made to remove the label, the vinyl disintegrates into tiny fragments; this means that only tiny pieces of the label can be removed (and with great difficulty) and the fragments left behind clearly indicate that the label has been tampered with.

These labels are ideal for applications where it is absolutely vital that a label cannot be removed (in its entirety) from an item or that there is clear, visual evidence that someone has attempted to remove the label. These labels may be applied directly onto items to deter efforts to tamper with or remove the item OR they may be applied onto packaging as security labels or security seals where they will clearly indicate if any attempt has been made to open the item.

Silver “VOID” Polyester Labels – “VOID” ADHESIVE
These labels are made with silver polyester and a special “VOID” permanent adhesive. “VOID” adhesives are designed to leave a message (e.g. “VOID”) when a label is removed as an indicator that an item has been tampered with. Our labels use a partial transfer adhesive, which means that the “VOID” message appears on both the item that was labelled and the label itself.

“VOID” labels can be used in a variety of ways. Some are applied directly onto high or added value items to deter individuals from stealing or tampering with those items and to provide visual proof of tampering. They can also be used as security seals on packaging to indicate when an item has been opened – usually if it is inappropriate, impossible, or undesirable to apply a label directly to an item. Finally, they can also be used as warranty labels; many high or added value goods are sold with a warranty and if these items are mishandled or misused a “VOID” label can be used to clearly indicate that an individual has voided the terms of the warranty in some way.

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Label Planet: FAQ – When Should I Expect My Labels To Arrive?


While some of our customers have time to plan ahead, many of the orders we receive are for customers who need labels in a hurry – whether they’ve been given a last minute job, have been let down by another supplier, have discovered that the stationery cupboard is bare, have simply forgotten to reorder labels, or have been given extremely tight deadlines to meet.

We try to make sure that all of our orders are despatched and delivered as swiftly and efficiently as possible – but we thought we’d put together some information to help our customers work out how quickly they can get their all-important labels.
  • STOCKED ITEMS, 25-200 sheets
    Items with a 25 sheet minimum order quantity are available for same day despatch (orders placed before 4:30pm, Mon-Fri).
    For small quantities, these orders are despatched via Royal Mail’s first class service. We find that around 93% of these items are delivered on the next working day BUT it is not a guaranteed service and items may be delayed.
    To guarantee next day delivery, you can upgrade to a guaranteed next working day delivery option – available online or by phone.
  • STOCKED ITEMS, 250-475 sheets
    Stocked items of between 250-475 sheets are despatched via next working day carrier (UK mainland).
    If your order is particularly urgent, you can contact us to upgrade to a guaranteed AM delivery slot.
  • STOCKED ITEMS, 500+ sheets
    If you order 500+ sheets of our stocked items, they will be despatched from our warehouse.
    Where standard paper labels (permanent adhesive) are ordered, these will be despatched same day (orders placed before 3pm, Mon-Fri) via next working day carrier (UK mainland). If these items are temporarily out of stock, they will be made and despatched within 2-3 working days.
    Where special materials (e.g. synthetics) are ordered, these will be made and despatched within five working days.
    For urgent orders, please get in touch and we can provide you with the current despatch estimate for the item(s) you wish to order.
    These are despatched same day (orders placed before 3pm, Mon-Fri) via next working day carrier (UK mainland).
    If these items are temporarily out of stock, they will be made and despatched within 2-3 working days.
    These items are made and despatched within 5 working days; once made they will be despatched via next working day carrier service.
    These items are made on a rotational basis, so the despatch time is determined by when the items you order are next due to be made. You can contact us before placing an order so we can provide you with the current despatch estimate for the items you wish to order.
Remember, if you need your labels in a hurry, you can always get in touch with us first; we can check what stock is available, what shipping options are available, or simply help you to work out what is possible with the deadline you have in mind.

Stikins ® & Trons ®: FAQ – What Is A School Commission Code?


Some of our customers notice the field marked “Enter School Commission Code” and aren’t quite sure what that means.

Here’s a brief explanation of our commission scheme and what those all-important codes mean.

At Label Planet we run a commission scheme that allows schools, PTAs, and organisations to earn commission on sales of Stikins ® and Trons ® placed by individuals with a connection to that school or organisation. This provides the school, PTA, or organisation with an opportunity to raise money that they can put towards existing and ongoing projects.

For example, schools can earn money whenever a parent or guardian of a child attending that school purchases name labels for their child’s school uniform and equipment; nursing and care facilities can earn money when residents or relatives/friends acting on behalf of a resident purchase name labels for labelling personal items, clothing, and linen; and organisations such as Guides and Scouts, Youth Groups, and Activity Groups can also earn money whenever their members purchase name labels.


Every school, PTA, and organisation that signs up to our commission scheme is allocated a unique reference number/code. For any order placed where that code is quoted, commission will be allocated to the relevant school, PTA, or organisation.

Commission accumulates throughout the year and is paid out in October; the school, PTA, or organisation can then use that money for any ongoing projects that require extra funding.

Schools, PTAs, and organisations should make their unique code available to parents, relatives, and/or members so they have it to hand when they order.

Commission Code FAQ:
  • I forgot to quote my school/PTA/organisation’s code when I ordered, what do I do?
    Simply get in touch with us and let us know the code or name of the school/PTA/organisation you are supporting and we will add the code to your order.
  • I know my school/PTA/organisation is registered but I don’t know what code to use, what do I do?
    First, check their website or any letters/emails you have received from them to see if you can find the code. Most of our affiliate partners do put their code on their website, send out leaflets displaying their code, or send out a letter and/or email. If you cannot find it, then please get in touch with us and we can confirm the code for you.
  • I don’t have a code, can I still place an order?
    Of course! Just place your order and leave the school code field empty.
  • If I enter the code do I get a discount?
    No. The commission code is NOT a discount code. It simply lets us know that you are supporting a particular school/PTA/organisation and want us to award commission to them.
  • Does it cost me anything?
    No. In fact our commission scheme is completely free – for participating affiliates and for individuals who support those affiliates. By entering the code you are simply helping to raise money for a particular school/PTA/organisation – all while buying name labels that will help you keep your child's belongings safe and organised!
For more information about our Commission Scheme, click on the purple "Schools Information" button to view all of our school commission information pages.

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Label Planet: Do you do “Invisible Labels”?


We’ve had a few customers get in touch with us to see if we supply “Invisible Labels”.

Unfortunately, technically speaking, we don’t have labels that are truly “invisible” (although we’d be extremely excited if such a thing were possible!).

What we do have are “Transparent Labels”; these labels are made with a transparent polyester and a transparent adhesive, which means that it is possible to see through these labels. However, while these labels can be seen through, they aren’t what we call “Glass Clear” or, indeed, “Invisible”.

These labels use an adhesive to remain in place, which means they may trap tiny bubbles of air or tiny bits of dust when they are applied, which prevents them from being 100% transparent.

Depending on how well the finish of the labels matches that of the item or surface you apply them to, you may also be able to distinguish the label from the surface (especially if you apply a gloss transparent label to a matt surface or a matt transparent label to a gloss surface). So, unfortunately, we cannot say that our Transparent Labels are Invisible Labels – although they’re as close as we can (currently) get.

They can be applied to windows or glass items; you can print your text/image so it can be read/seen from the “front” of the label OR you can print a “mirrored” version so that the text/image can be read/seen through the label (and the surface it has been applied to).

Our Matt Transparent Labels provide an excellent level of transparency, particularly on items or surfaces that also have a matt finish. We also supply Gloss Transparent Labels, which provide a decorative finish to all kinds of items.

Stikins ® & Trons ®: Take A Photo! – And Be Ready To Order Anyplace, Anytime!


Our new leaflets encourage parents to “Take A Photo!” of the leaflet so they have all the information they need ready and waiting on their phone or tablet when they come to order.

There’s a handy gap for schools, nurseries, or other organisations who are participating in our commission scheme to enter their unique reference number, so they can make absolutely sure that parents know which number to enter to help raise funds for their child’s school, nursery, or activity group – which can be used to support all kinds of ongoing fundraising projects.

Taking a photo means parents don’t need to keep track of the leaflet or write down all the details they need; they’ll simply be ready to order at any time.

Schools and groups participating in our commission scheme might want to take their own photo of the leaflet (with their unique reference number added to the “School Number” box, of course!) and put the image on the school website, social media pages, or in newsletters and e-newsletters to parents as a reminder that they can earn money for the school whenever they need to order (or reorder) name labels for their children’s school uniform, equipment, and personal belongings.

Parents will receive a leaflet with each order they place; schools and groups who are part of our commission scheme can request free copies to distribute to parents or members; and a copy of the leaflet can also be downloaded from our website.

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Label Planet: It’s All Blank To Me - Turning On Gridlines In Word


Templates in Microsoft Word are made using Tables – the cells in the table represent the labels on a sheet (and the blank spaces between them, where applicable).

Some people open Word templates and find that they can’t see a template (or, indeed, a table). Our templates feature the Product Size Code for that particular size and layout (e.g. LP4/99 or LP65/38) in each of the cells that represents a label, which means that when some of our customers download our templates all they can see are these codes and nothing else.

If this happens to you: DON’T WORRY!!!

This simply means that “Gridlines” are turned off – in other words, Word isn’t displaying the border lines that outline the table and the cells within it. All you need to do to get your template into a usable state is to turn on gridlines…


The process may be slightly different depending on which version of Word you are using. We’ve outlined the processes for versions of Word going back to 2003.
    Step One: Click inside the table
    Step Two: Click on the “Table Layout” tab at the top of the page
    Step Three: Under “Settings”, click “Gridlines”
  • WORD 2013, WORD 2010, & WORD 2007
    Step One: Click inside the table
    Step Two: Click on the “Layout” tab at the top of the page (beneath “Table Tools”)
    Step Three: Click “View Gridlines”
  • WORD 2003
    Step One: Click on the “Table Menu” at the top of the page
    Step Two: Click “Show Gridlines”
If you struggle to get Gridlines to turn on, remember you can always use the built in “Help” function to check that you are using the correct set of instructions for the version of Word that you are using.

You should also bear in mind that the more recent versions of Word feature TWO “Gridlines” functions; one refers specifically to the borders of Tables and the other refers specifically to a set of Gridlines that can be used as a reference guide for positioning objects accurately on a particular page (or pages) of a document. The “Page Guidelines” are accessible from the standard set of tabs that are always visible at the top of the page (e.g. in Word 2013, “Page Guidelines” can be turned on or off by clicking on the “View” tab and then checking or unchecking the “Show Gridlines” box). Where both Gridlines functions are available the “Table Gridlines” is always placed on a specific Table Tools tab, which you can only view (and therefore select from) AFTER you have clicked on (or rather in) the table you are working with.

All of our templates (including Word and PDF versions) can be downloaded from our Template Page.

Stikins ® & Trons ®: What’s New For Spring/Summer 2015


You might have noticed that we’ve made quite a few updates and announcements recently, so here’s a quick recap to get you all caught up – just in case you missed anything!

    This product is a silver version of our existing Stikins ® name label product and uses the same vinyl and advanced adhesive to create a simple stick on name label - in a brand new shade of silver! These name labels are available in the same four pack sizes as our existing product AND cost exactly the same as the white Stikins ® - when placing your order, you simply need to select your preferred colour: White or Silver.
    Our brand new guide includes; a brief overview of Label Planet and our commission scheme; the benefits of joining our commission scheme; the steps to follow to get registered and earning commission; advice on letting people know about the scheme; information about our name label products (including product information, packs and pricing information, despatch and delivery information, and ordering information); our Commission Booster Plan (to get the best from your fundraising); example letters for raising awareness amongst parents; and all of the website links and contact information you might need.
    We’ve given our leaflets a bit of a redesign and brought them bang up to date. The new version is available to download from our website if you find that you need an extra copy.
    We do our best to help our commission partners get as much out of our fundraising scheme as possible; one of the ways we do this is providing additional materials free of charge to help promote the fundraising scheme AND the reference number of the school. Our new materials include a Fundraising Guide (with information, advice, and tips), a Noticeboard Poster, and example Covering Letters to raise awareness of the scheme amongst parents.
    Customers can now reach our website either by visiting www.stikins.co.uk.
    We’re running our free Stikins ® sample offer once again; we will print five Stikins ® for every pupil in your school to help promote our fundraising scheme amongst parents. Simply get in touch with us to request your samples. Please note that this offer is only available until the END OF JUNE.

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Label Planet: Schools – Labels & Stickers For The End Of Term; School Reports, Certificates, & Sport’s Day Badges


The end of term/year means it's time for all sorts of events to celebrate the achievements of students throughout the year and one-off end-of-year events such as Sport’s Day.

Whether a school is celebrating academic achievements, outstanding effort or behaviour, sporting accolades, or creative output across the arts, they will usually reward students with a certificate or prize – and that’s where we come in!

We’ve got all sorts of labels that can be used as rewards or stickers on certificates and prizes to celebrate all kinds of achievements.

For example, our GOLD & SILVER labels are ideal for use on certificates to give them a fun, decorative finish that reflects an “official” seal of commendation. They can be used to indicate that a person has achieved a particular level, such as Gold to indicate an “Excellent” level and Silver to indicate a “Good” level. They can also be used on certificates and prizes for achievement in a year group or subjects, to indicate whether the recipient has been awarded first place or is the runner up. Gold and silver can also be used in the traditional way for Sport’s Day prizes – with Gold Stickers applied to the prizes or certificates for individuals who come first in their event (or events!) and Silver Stickers for those who come second.

For events or ceremonies where there are a number of different winners or categories, you could select from our Coloured and Fluorescent Coloured ranges and use a different colour to denote a particular level of achievement or the particular category that a certificate has been presented in. Labels can be printed with the school logo or crest, with the details of the award and/or the recipient of the award, or simply with a decorative design as a finishing touch to a larger certificate or reward.

Stikins ® & Trons ®: What’s In A Name? - There's Now An Easier Way To Find Our Website!


From now on it will be even easier to navigate to our website when you need to buy your Stikins ® name labels.

For the past ELEVEN YEARS, our website has been reached by visiting name-labels.com; we’ve had a brilliant response from customers across the country (and, indeed, the world) and we thought maybe it was time to celebrate all things Stikins ® by making them a bigger part of our website.

So from now on you can visit our site using the usual URL OR by visiting:


Not only does this new web address celebrate our name labels – it also makes it much easier to remember the website you need to visit when it’s time to reorder!

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Label Planet: “The Pen Is Mightier Than The Printer” (Or “Reasons To Handwrite Your Labels”)


While most labels do end up being printed, it’s important to remember that they can also be a wonderful way to add a personal touch to postal items, invitations, gifts, or goods that you are despatching.

If you’ve got hundreds and thousands of things to label, then clearly handwriting labels is going to take too much time, but if you’ve only got a few labels to create (or even if you’ve simply got time to spare) taking the time to write your labels yourself is a brilliant way to personalise whatever it is you need to label and to send your items off with that extra bit of care and thought.

Handwritten labels are perfect for all kinds of labelling applications. The most obvious might be handwritten address labels – particularly for correspondence that is especially important or personal. For example, you might be sending a special birthday or anniversary card and/or present, or perhaps you need to create extra special invitations to an extra special event such as a wedding or a “big” birthday. Usually, there will be a limit to the number of these items that you need to label, which means you should be able to take your time over them and add the perfect finishing touch by handwriting the address or even adding a personal message to each recipient.

Handwritten labels are also brilliant for businesses, companies, and organisations (e.g. charities and membership groups) who want to create and maintain a personal connection with customers and/or members. While you may not have time to handwrite labels for everyone that you correspond with or send items to, simple handwritten labels can be used to let the recipient know they are important and that care has been taken to contact them or to ensure their items arrive safely. This could be a signature from the owner of a business, the person who packed an order, or the designer or creator of a bespoke or handmade item; you could also create a set of simple “Thank You” labels to apply to letters or packages to let your customers or members know that you value their support and/or custom. Handwriting labels is a simple but extremely effective way to add value to your postal items and to promote a personalised service or to let customers know that your company cares about its customers.

Of course, you can always opt to have the best of both worlds and print your labels with a personal or company design and then finish it off with a handwritten message.

Whether you’re a calligraphy expert or a bit of a scrawler, taking the time to handwrite or sign your labels is the perfect way to personalise items and let the recipient know that their items have been sent with care.

So What Do You Need To Handwrite Your Labels?
The simple answer is labels and a pen (or the writing implement of your choice!).

The slightly longer answer is labels and a particular kind of pen.

All of our label products can be written on, although you might find that the synthetic materials (polyester and polyethylene) and label products with a gloss finish might be slightly trickier depending on the kind of pen you use. For our synthetic materials and gloss labels, it’s usually best to use marker pens rather than standard biros, which may struggle to lay ink down properly.

Of course, with our paper products, you can go wild and write with pretty much any writing implement you want to!

If you’ve got a creative side and you want to add a touch of calligraphy to your labels, our inkjet materials are an excellent option. Labels designed for inkjet printers will usually be made with materials that are slightly absorbent – so that the inks used in these printers will be accepted by the material and the print will come out crisp and vivid in colour. If you’re a calligraphy fan, our inkjet materials are ideal and they feature in many of our product ranges (Paper Labels, Removable Paper Labels, Gloss White Photo Quality Labels, Coloured Labels, Polyethylene Labels, Clear Labels, High Tack Labels – although we’d definitely put our Premium Quality Paper Labels forward as the star product to choose).

If you need your handwritten messages to be as durable as possible (e.g. in outdoor conditions, for long term use, or in conditions where they may be exposed to water), then you should try to make sure that the pen or marker you use is Waterproof. Generally speaking, “permanent” markers are waterproof and many pens designed for creative (rather than practical) purposes will also be designed to be waterproof. The thing to look out for is pens and markers that are made with alcohol-based inks rather than water-based inks – when water-based inks come into contact with water, they will run and smudge BUT alcohol-based inks will not. Pens and markers tend to use dyes or pigments to create the colour of the ink; either can be used BUT pigment inks tend to be longer lasting and more durable than dye inks (even in water-based inks, pigment inks are usually “water-resistant” and will be damaged less by exposure to water than dye inks would be). You will need to choose carefully if you want to use a fountain pen; most inks made for use with fountain pens are not waterproof, although there are some inks that are waterproof or, at the very least, water-resistant.

So why not take a look through our List Of Label Materials and see if there’s something that might just be the perfect background for a personal, handwritten message from “Me to You”.

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Stikins ® & Trons ®: Name Labels 2 - Return of the Silver Stikins ® (Kind Of)


Existing customers who’ve been with us for a number of years will no doubt remember our Original Stikins ® - the original version of Stikins ®, which launched in 2004 and featured different shapes and sizes of white name labels along with optional silver labels for use on lunch boxes, water bottles, and personal items that children needed (or perhaps just wanted) to take to school.

While our Original Stikins ® were discontinued in 2013, we’ve had many a customer commenting that they miss our Original Stikins ® – and now we’ve got some news that we think might just cheer you up!



Okay, so it’s not exactly a completely new product, but we are proud to announce that we now supply a silver version of our Stikins ® name labels.

These labels are exactly the same as the white Stikins ® - they’re simply a different colour!

And for those of you feeling a bit nostalgic for the Original Silver Stikins ® – we hope you’ll love these ones even more than the old ones (particularly as these ones can be used on ALL KINDS of items, including clothing).

Silver Stikins ® are available in the same four pack sizes as our White Stikins ® and – best of all – they cost exactly the same amount. So all you need to do is decide if you prefer white or silver.

If you want to give our Silver Stikins ® a try, simply order in the usual way and select the “Silver” colour option.

[Of course, if you really CAN’T decide, you could always order a pack of each colour – just in case!]

Monday, 8 June 2015

Label Planet: Freezer Labels – Ready For Summer (Even If The Weather Isn’t!)


Yes, we’ve entered the “Summer” months of the year, even if the weather doesn’t quite seem to agree.

Of course, a bit of rain won’t stop the Great British Public – or the ice cream vans, cafes, and stores across the country who have all sorts of delicious deserts to sell to the public while they’re out and about (or simply optimistically shopping in hopes of a sunny weekend).

Here at Label Planet, we’ve got a great range of labels designed specifically for frozen and chilled food products. Our Deep Freeze or Freezer Labels are matt white paper labels with a special adhesive designed to survive deep freeze conditions.

These labels can be applied to items that will be chilled or frozen later OR applied to items that have already been chilled or frozen; they can be applied to items that are -20°C in temperature at the moment of application and, once applied, can be exposed to a range of temperatures during storage and/or use (-40°C to +60°C). The adhesive also complies with the German BgVV for indirect food contact and short term contact with dry and moist foods, which means it is perfectly suited to labelling applications that involve food and drink products.

Our freezer labels are supplied on A4 sheets and are made with matt white paper; we have six sizes available for same day despatch from stock (minimum order quantity 25 sheets) and a further thirty two sizes available to order (minimum order quantity 500 sheets). These labels are suitable for use with laser printers or can be handwritten (although a permanent marker or similar pen should be used to ensure that the ink doesn’t run or smudge in the event of condensation running across the label).

FAQ&A: We often get asked if we supply Waterproof Freezer Labels – unfortunately, our freezer adhesive is ONLY available on matt white paper labels; this is because most freezer labels are applied to food products and packaging where it is important that the packaging is as cost effective as possible. If we were to produce freezer labels made with waterproof materials, this would push up the cost of the labels and make them far too expensive for use on food packaging. 

Visit the Freezer Labels range page to view the Material Specification Sheet for these labels or to buy Freezer Labels.

Stikins ® & Trons ®: Gearing Up For Summer; Same Day Despatch For Name Labels From Label Planet.


It’s once more unto the busy season as we prepare for the summer rush of orders as parents start thinking about the next school year. As it’s only just June, we’ll refrain from using the dreaded “Back to School” phrase for now, but we want to let all of our customers know that we’re now printing name labels every day.

All orders placed before 3pm, Mondays to Fridays, will be printed and despatched the same day.

All orders are sent via Royal Mail’s first class service as standard, although customers can contact us to request an upgrade to a guaranteed next working delivery option.

Orders placed after 3pm or over the weekend will be printed and despatched on the next working day.

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Stikins ® & Trons ®: Size Matters - Making Sure The Font Fits!


Our name labels are designed to be small and discrete, which means that there is a limited amount of space for adding text.

The system we use to print our labels is set up to select the biggest possible font size that will allow all of the requested characters to fit neatly onto each name label.

This means that the FONT SIZE is directly determined by the NUMBER OF CHARACTERS you request.

While most of our customers request the same format (first name on the first line, surname on the second line), some of our customers want to add extra bits of information, want to share labels between two or more people, or simply want to make sure that they get the biggest font size possible.

So here’s our list of things to think about when you are requesting your text:
  • If a big font is a must, keep it short and simple.
    To get the biggest font size possible you should choose the “Text On One Line” option and enter one name only (either a first name OR a surname). The single word will then be printed in the biggest possible font size that still fits onto the label. If you request just a surname, this also means that you can share a pack between family members.
  • If you are requesting double barrelled first names and/or surnames use two lines.
  • If you are requesting a name and a piece of contact information use two lines.
    This works best if you enter the name on the first line and the contact information (e.g. a phone number or an address) on the second line.
  • If you are requesting two names on the same set, use the top line for one name and the bottom line for the second name OR enter the first names on the top line and the surname on the bottom line.
If you have any concerns about the amount of text you would like printing on your name labels, please get in touch with us. In some cases, we are able to manually edit orders to create a better font size than that selected automatically by the system.

Label Planet: Get Crafty With Our Latest Product - Kraft Labels!


While you might think of arts and crafts as being a traditional hobby reserved for individuals at home or small weekly craft groups, today’s world of arts and crafts has soared in popularity with hundreds and thousands of online forums, blogs, and stores allowing people to share tips and ideas, get inspired, source brand new materials and techniques, and sell their homemade goods either as a part time hobby or as a full time, fully fledged, business.

One of the most popular materials often associated with the world of arts and crafts is kraft paper; with its natural brown colouring and environmentally friendly manufacturing process, kraft paper is a much loved material when you’re getting crafty.

Kraft labels can be used in all sorts of ways; the natural, decorative appearance makes them a creative addition to products and packaging; to envelopes and parcels that need that extra special finishing touch; to marketing and promotional materials; to all your files and folders or boxes of bits and pieces that need to be organised; or any other creative (and crafty) use you can think of!

But what is “Kraft”?
The word “Kraft” is German for “strength” and is used to refer both to a process of manufacturing paper pulp and the products that are made using that pulp. The “Kraft” process is popular because it has a number of benefits over other pulp making processes; for example, the “Kraft” process can be done using wood from almost every species of tree, does less damage to the fibres in the pulp as it is processed, is considered more environmentally friendly than other processes, and produces a stronger, higher quality of pulp. Kraft paper is used to make a whole variety of items including packaging, paper bags and sacks, wrapping paper, envelopes, and (of course!) labels.

While the pulp can be bleached or unbleached, the term “Kraft” is most commonly used to refer to unbleached pulp, which retains its natural brown colouring – which means that this material is often considered to be environmentally friendly in its manufacturing process, its characteristics, and its appearance.

Kraft Labels from Label Planet
Here at Label Planet, we have nine sizes of kraft labels available for same day despatch from stock (25 sheet minimum order quantity) and a full range of sizes available to order (500 sheet minimum order quantity).

These labels are supplied on A4 sheets with a permanent adhesive, and are suitable for use on all standard desktop inkjet and laser printers. Our labels are made with a brown ribbed kraft paper that is uncoated and unbleached, which means that these labels have a natural, brown colouring with a subtle pattern and texture.

Please visit the Brown Kraft Paper Labels range page to find out more, view the Material Specification Sheet, see what sizes are available, or to go ahead and buy.

Monday, 1 June 2015

Stikins ® & Trons ®: Find Out More About Stikins ® & Trons ® Name Labels


We've just given our homepage a little bit of an update, to make it cleaner and simpler to navigate around.

As part of this we've also created two new pages devoted entirely to providing you with all the information you could need about our two name label products: Stikins ® name labels and Trons ® name transfers.

These pages have all kinds of information specifically about our products; the materials they are made with, the print used to personalise each label, the sizes we have chosen to use, how to order, and some useful links should you have any further questions.

If you want to find out how these labels work or what the benefits of these particular labels are, along with some useful tips for ordering and using your name labels, these pages are the place to start!

So, for all the Stikins ® and Trons ® information you could possibly need, simply click on one of our brand new buttons for "Stikins ® Information" or for "Trons ® Information" to get started.

Label Planet: FAQ – About The Prices On Your Website…


What do your prices include?
All of the prices on our website include VAT and standard UK delivery.

[Standard UK delivery is via Royal Mail’s first class service (orders under 500 sheets) or next working day carrier (orders of 500 sheets or more)]

How do you choose your prices?
We’re proud to say that we offer prices that sit in the middle of the market – we don’t have the cheapest labels but nor are we the most expensive.

We choose prices that allow our customers to access high quality label products AND customer support at a reasonable and affordable price.

Everything we do is designed to make buying labels from Label Planet as easy and efficient as possible – we keep our prices simple and use all inclusive pricing on our website so you know exactly what you’ll need to pay without having to go all the way through the checkout to see your final (and actual) order total.

What if I want to upgrade the shipping on my order?
If you want to opt for one of our guaranteed shipping options, you will need to pay an extra shipping cost.

Shipping costs are applied based on the overall weight of your order; for smaller orders, a next working day shipping option will be offered as you go through the checkout, while larger orders (500+ sheets) will be automatically placed on a next working day carrier service.

We do have additional shipping options for especially urgent orders (e.g. Saturday Delivery, AM Delivery for 500+ sheets); to discuss or choose one of these shipping options, you will need to give us a call and we can provide you with the best shipping options and quotes for your particular needs.

Our shipping costs are those that the Royal Mail and carrier services charge us – we don’t add on anything extra for ourselves.

Do you do trade prices?

Our prices are the same for everyone.

However, we do have “price breaks”; the more you order, the better the price per unit becomes – which is a great benefit for trade customers who tend to purchase in much higher quantities than individuals buying for personal use or one-off projects.

I’m buying a number of different items – is there anyway to get a better price than those on your website?
If you are ordering a bit of a mixed bag, the best thing to do is to get in touch with us and place your order by phone.

We are able to offer prorata prices in SOME CASES:
  • If you are ordering a number of items from within ONE range of products.
  • If you need an order quantity that falls between our existing price breaks.
Simply get in touch with us and we can give you a quote for the particular items and quantities you are interested in. You can pay for phone orders using a credit/debit card or by requesting a proforma invoice so you can make payment via bank transfer or cheque.

[Please note, we cannot offer prorata prices on labels from different product ranges nor can we split packs and/or boxes into smaller quantities or mix and match different items within a pack or box.]

I’ve got a quote from another supplier that’s cheaper than your prices, can you match/better their offer?

If you have a better quote from another supplier, you have the choice of purchasing from them or from us.

However, you will need to bear in mind that the labels you purchase from another supplier may not be of the same quality or materials as those supplied by Label Planet. You may also find that they do not supply the same customer support that we provide to all of our customers.

We do have a sister company selling genuine Label Planet products on Amazon and Ebay. Madebuy offer a range of our products in a range of pack sizes and, while our prices are roughly equal, you may find that their overall price on some items is cheaper. We do not offer any price matching service for prices that you find through Madebuy – so it is up to you to decide if you wish to order with Label Planet or with Madebuy.

Are there any offers or discounts running at the moment?

Currently we are running a mix and match pricing offer on our coloured labels (find out more here).

Any offers or discounts that we offer are advertised on our social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, Google+), our blog pages, and are usually announced to existing customers via email.

Can I have a discount because…?
Customers come to us with all sorts of reasons as to why they should be given a discount.

Currently, the ONLY cases where we will consider offering a discount is to registered charities, who can get in touch with us by phone or email to let us know what they need.

While we do not offer discounts on the basis of repeat custom, we would advise repeat customers that they can save themselves some money by considering purchasing labels in higher quantities to take advantage of our price breaks. We will also email our existing customers with details of any offers or discounts that we choose to run, so they won’t miss out.