Thursday, 19 February 2015

Stikins ® & Trons ®: FAQ Special – Prices & Payments

It’s been a while since our last FAQ special so we thought it was high time we did another! And seeing as it’s the start of a brand new year and everyone (and their wallets) are recovering from the indulgence (and overindulgence) of Christmas and the New Year, we thought a good topic would be all things related to prices and payments.

We’ve tried to make things as simple and straightforward as possible, so you can order your name labels when and how you please. We provide customers with a variety of ways to order and pay for their labels, so we’ve hopefully got an option to suit everyone.

Where can I find your prices?
Our prices are listed on our website and on our Information Leaflets.
Standard packs are priced as follows:
N30 / T35: £6.00
N60 / T70: £8.50
N90 / T105: £10.50
N120 / T140: £12.50
Combination packs are priced as follows:
NT65 (N30 + T35): £8.50
NT130 (N60 + T70): £12.50
NT195 (N90 + T105): £16.00
NT260 (N120 + T140): £19.00
[While we always keep our Information Leaflets fully up to date, we are aware that some schools and customers may have old copies of leaflets with out of date prices. Please check the website for current prices as we cannot honour out of date pricing information.]

What do your prices include?
Our prices include VAT and standard UK delivery.
Standard UK delivery is via Royal Mail’s first class service.

Do I have to pay extra for anything?
Only if you wish to upgrade your shipping or have your order delivered outside of the UK.
If you order by phone, you may request a Guaranteed Next Working Day delivery option.
If you order items to be shipped outside of the UK, postage will be charged at £1.50 per item.

Are you running any discounts or offers?
Not at the moment. Any discounts or offers will be announced via our blog, Facebook and Twitter pages, or via email to existing customers.

I need sets for my X number of children. Can I have a discount?
No. Currently we do not offer any multipack discounts. For customers with multiple children, you may either purchase a pack (or packs) for each child or you may purchase a pack (or packs) to be shared between your children.
Please note that we cannot print different names within a single pack; each label within a pack is printed with the same information. However, we are more than happy for customers to include more than one name per label or to use a family name only in order to share the labels between children. 

What’s the most cost effective pack to order?
Our largest packs offer the best cost per label prices; N120, T140, or NT260.
If you keep your labels in their original packaging and store them safely in a dry place at room temperature, you can use up as many labels as you need at the current time and then save the rest for future use. When stored appropriately, our name labels retain their quality and efficiency for two (Stikins ® name labels) or five (Trons ® name transfers) years.

Do I have to order through the website?
No. You can also place your order over the phone or by post.

What are my payment options?
We provide a variety of payment options, depending on how you order.
ONLINE ORDERS: payment by PayPal or debit/credit card
PHONE ORDERS: payment by debit/credit card
[Please note that we do not accept American Express]
POSTAL ORDERS: payment by cheque or postal order

If you wish, you may also pay by BACS, however, you will need to contact us with the details of your order so we can issue you with a Proforma Invoice against which you can make payment. 

I work for a school/nursery/organisation. Can I get a discount?
While we don’t offer discounts to schools and other organisations, we do run a commission scheme, which allows schools, nurseries and other organisations to earn commission on sales of Stikins ® name labels and Trons ® name transfers where their unique code is quoted.
Any time a parent, guardian, or member affiliated with a particular school, nursery or group orders from us and quotes that organisation's unique code, their order will generate up to 25% commission for their nominated group.
To find out more about our commission scheme, please take a read through our Fundraising Information page.

I work for a nursing/residential care facility. Can I get a discount?
Yes. We are happy to offer a 10% discount to nursing home and residential care facilities when they order directly from us. To receive your discount, simply get in touch and let us know the items you would like to order so we can process the discount for you.

We are also happy for these facilities to join our commission scheme (as mentioned above). You would be allotted a unique code to allow you to earn commission on any orders placed by residents or relatives/friends ordering on behalf of residents.
To find out more, please read our Fundraising Information page.

Hopefully, if you had a question about prices and payments, we’ve answered it here but if we haven’t, please feel free to get in touch.

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