Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Label Planet & Stikins & Trons: HAPPY HOLIDAYS FROM LABEL PLANET!

Season’s Greetings to all of our customers!

Have a very happy holiday & we’ll see you all in the New Year!

From Label Planet!

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Label Planet & Stikins & Trons: Christmas Holidays 2014

Please note that we will close for the Christmas holidays on Tuesday 23rd December, and will re-open on Friday 2nd January.

Any orders placed during this period will be processed upon our return.

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Stikins & Trons: Storing Your Name Labels For Future Use


Our bigger packs of name labels offer better value for money per label so many of our customers prefer to buy these packs, use some of the labels when they receive them, and then put the rest away for the future.

So, how do you get the best out of your name labels?

It’s easy; simply keep them in their original packaging and store them in a dry place, out of direct sunlight, and (preferably) at room temperature.

When stored correctly, our Stikins have an approximate shelf life of two years, while our Trons have an approximate shelf life of five years – during this time both our name labels and our name transfers will maintain their quality and function to their original standard.

For answers to more Frequently Asked Questions, browse through our blog or glance through our FAQ page.

Label Planet: Get creative with your Christmas Cards!


Yes, it’s that time of year when we’re all busy writing Christmas Card lists; adding the names of new friends and acquaintances, and possibly even scribbling out a few unfortunates who have dropped out of favour this past year.

Here at Label Planet, we’ve got labels in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and colours to help you add a perfect finishing touch to your cards.

Labels are a great way to take control of your Christmas Card list – particularly if you’ve got a lot of people to send cards to – and to add your own personal design to each and every card you send.
Whether you want a label that you can stick inside your cards with a personal design, image, or message for your friends and family, or you’re simply looking to create address labels in your own unique style, designing and printing your own labels is a fantastic way to get creative with your Christmas cards.

We have templates for all of our labels available to download for free from our website and we’re on hand to offer advice if you run into any problems. Printing your own labels means you can add your own text and images in the way that you want and it can save a lot of time when it comes to addressing each and every envelope.

The best part is it’s up to you what you do with your labels; you can be as creative as you like and design a set of labels that is uniquely yours. Whether you print a set of labels with your own message, design, or family photos; create a bespoke label for each and every person on your Christmas list; use Mail Merge to get your envelopes addressed as quickly and easily as possible; or even handwrite your labels so you can add a decorative label while maintaining the personal touch.

So, why not take a look through our list of label materials and see if we have something to add that perfect finishing touch to your Christmas Cards this year!

Thursday, 11 December 2014

Stikins & Trons: To Use One Line Or Two Lines - That Is Your Question (And Here Is The Answer!)


When ordering name labels from Label Planet you can choose between labels that are printed with one line of text or two lines of text. It’s down to you which you choose, but here are a few things to think about…

The main consideration with this option is that of space; when you request one line of text, our system will calculate the number of characters you have requested and then print your text in the middle of the label at the largest font possible that allows all of the text to fit onto the label. This means that this layout CAN create a really large, bold, clear font BUT only if you request a little bit of text.

This layout works best if you are requesting any of the following:
  • A surname only
  • A first name, nickname, or initials only
  • A full name that is comprised of a short first name and a short surname
This layout gives you a bit more flexibility and is the option that most of our customers select – as such it’s also the default option that is selected when you begin your order. This option allows you to spread out your text over two lines, with the system adding up the number of characters on each line and printing both lines in the largest possible font size that will allow the line with the most characters in it to fit neatly on each label. The majority of our customers opt for printing a first name on the top line and a surname on the bottom line.

This layout works best if you are requesting any of the following:
  • Any full name that includes double barrelled first names and/or surnames
  • A name and additional contact information (e.g. a phone number or address)
  • A name and additional information (e.g. medical or allergy information, a class or form name/number, a school name etc)
  • Two names on a single label (one name on the top line and one name on the bottom line)
The order form is set to two lines as the default layout and as such will show two entry fields – one called “Enter Line 1” and the other called “Enter Line 2”. To change this, you need to check the circular box called “Name on one line” (this option is displayed to the left of the entry fields). If you select the one line option, the order form will remove the second entry field (“Enter Line 2”). Of course, if you change your mind, you can simply recheck the “Name on two lines” circular box on the left and this will bring back the second entry field for you to fill in.

For FAQs galore, please take a look through our blog and our FAQ page.

Label Planet: Alternative Christmas Uses for your Labels


Every year we see a rush of customers purchasing labels at Christmas for use as address labels, shipping labels, or product labels, so we thought we’d celebrate the alternative uses that our customers have found for our labels (along with a few “funny” suggestions from the office)…
  • Labels for a Family Tree that can be given to all your relatives as a Christmas present
  • Stick on Christmas hats that won’t fall off (even if you get a bit drunk and fall asleep in front of the fire…or anywhere else for that matter)
  • Gift tags for presents
  • Name labels and badges at parties or personalised place holders for Christmas dinner
  • Labels for use in Christmas games (you might want to create a homemade board game, use them for a round or two of “Who Am I?”, or maybe even set up a Christmas scavenger hunt to amuse (or distract) the children – and perhaps even one or two of the adults)
  • Homemade Christmas decorations
  • Christmas presents! (for the person who has everything…except labels)
We’ve a whole range of labels for you to get creative with so take a look and see if we’ve got something to inspire you this Christmas time.

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Stikins & Trons: FAQ – Can Stikins & Trons Be Removed From Old Items Of Clothing?


While the biggest question on our customers’ minds is will their name labels stay on their items of clothing, we also get queries about what happens when the clothes are no longer needed. Many of our customers want to pass clothing on to other children or donate items to charity, and want to know if they can remove the name labels they have applied to these items before they do so.

In short: Stikins CAN be removed but Trons CANNOT be removed.

Our Stikins were designed to stick in and stay in – regardless of what environments they encounter, from the rough and tumble of everyday wear and tear to the journey through the washing machine and back again. The adhesive on these name labels sets into an extremely strong bond over the first 24 hours and it is designed to maintain this bond throughout the ensuing cycles of washing and drying.

However, they CAN be removed, if you absolutely want to. It will require a bit of effort and elbow grease – and you may find that there is some trace of adhesive residue left behind when you remove each label. Of course, you could also opt for the easier alternative of cutting off the wash care or garment label that you applied the labels to, if you don’t mind losing the care instructions for future reference.

With our Trons name transfers, however, the label is designed to be completely permanent and they cannot be removed. When you apply Trons, they fuse and bond into the material; effectively, they become a part of the garment. They work in the same way as T-Shirt transfers, which are used to add designs to T-Shirts – permanently. So, please bear in mind that when you apply your Trons, they are a completely permanent name label that cannot be removed.

For more answers to Frequently Asked Questions, please visit our FAQ page!

Label Planet: Christmas Despatch & Delivery 2014: Reminder


The month of December brings many things; Christmas Celebrations, Winter Wonderlands, Warm Fires and Hot Water Bottles, Woolly Hats and Woolly Gloves, Blankets of Snow, and – unfortunately – delays in despatch and delivery times.

Yes, it is a truth that should be universally acknowledged; when it comes to the post, Christmas tends to mean chaos with delays to all forms of delivery services. So, we’d like to remind our customers that at this time of the year it is always best to order your items as early as you can and to take advantage of guaranteed next day delivery options wherever possible. The last posting date for First Class Mail is Saturday 20th December (meaning you need to order from us by 4:30pm on Friday 19th December) and the last posting date for Guaranteed Next Day Delivery is Tuesday 23rd December, BUT PLEASE REMEMBER: first class mail is NOT a guaranteed service and, as it is subject to delays at this time of the year, it WILL NOT necessarily reach the recipient the next day.

Of course, it’s not just the Royal Mail that sees an increase in demand at this time of the year. After all, the increase in the amount of mail that needs to be delivered is caused by the hundreds and thousands (and millions!) of additional products that are manufactured and ordered for Christmas. Therefore, we also recommend that any customers who need larger quantities of labels (500+ sheets) or made to order items (items with a minimum order quantity that is higher than 25 sheets) should order these items as early as possible to avoid disappointment. In particular, made to order items should be a priority as, while these items usually have a despatch estimate of 5 working days, the current despatch estimate is more like 5-7 working days and, of course, there is a limit to the number of orders that can be fulfilled in the time remaining before Christmas. If you are concerned about receiving an order in time for Christmas, please get in touch with us and we can check on the availability of the particular item(s) you need.

Thursday, 4 December 2014

Stikins & Trons: Do You Need Your Name Labels For Christmas? Make Sure You Order Before The Last Posting Dates!


Yes, this is a blog post about ordering things in time for Christmas!

While name labels might not be at the top of – or even on – your list for Father Christmas, we do know that some customers want to make sure that their name labels arrive in time for Christmas (or at least the Christmas holidays). Some customers want to have a brand new set of name labels ready for the next school term, some might have a child or children who are switching to a new school, and others want to buy labels on behalf of friends or relatives who are visiting for the holidays (often from abroad).

In each case, these customers want to make sure their order arrives safely before or in time for the Christmas holidays, which means they need to contend with the chaos of Christmas post and the Royal Mail’s last posting dates.

At this time of the year more and more items are being posted and delays become ever more likely; therefore, we advise customers who want to receive their labels in plenty of time to place their orders as early as possible (and definitely well before the last posting dates) and, if they need them urgently, to consider placing their order by phone and requesting a guaranteed next working day delivery option.

So, here are the dates to remember:
Royal Mail’s International Standard & Signed For Services (non-UK orders)

Saturday 13th December: Orders must be placed by 3pm on Friday 12th December.
Royal Mail’s First Class Standard & Signed For Services (UK orders)
Saturday 20th December: Orders must be placed by 3pm on Friday 19th December.
Royal Mail’s Guaranteed Next Working Day Delivery Service (UK orders)
Tuesday 23rd December: Orders must be placed by 3pm on Tuesday 23rd December.

To check our standard delivery information, please visit our website.

Label Planet: ‘Tis The Season For Festive Parties & That Means Name Badges!


Yes, Christmas is almost here, which means that there are festive events, gatherings, meetings, and parties to get organised for – and that means name badges!

We often get queries from customers who want to buy labels that they can use as name badges but they’re not sure what sort of adhesive they need. Whether your name badges are a bit of a necessity or just a bit of fun, you don’t want to use labels that will damage people’s clothing, particularly if you’re organising an event with a dress code.

While you may be tempted to go straight for our removable labels, you should bear in mind that the efficiency of an adhesive depends on the type of material it is applied to. In the case of name badges, this is a variety of fabrics; materials have very different, unusual surfaces, which often prove more challenging for adhesives than a regular, flat surface (such as a box or a sheet of paper). In fact, because of the unusual surface created by the fibres in fabrics, a permanent adhesive will only achieve the adhesion of a removable (or temporary) adhesive, and you may find that a removable label actually struggles to remain in place.

So, if you’re looking for labels to use as name badges, feel free to browse through our range of standard permanent adhesives (although you should steer clear of our high tack and marine adhesive options). We recommend using our standard matt white paper labels or – for a bit of fun – why not try something a bit more colourful and take a look at our coloured labels (for subtle pastel shades), fluorescent labels (for a splash of vivid colour), or our gold and silver labels (for a shimmer of luxury and festivity).

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Stikins & Trons: Schools - Get Organised For Christmas With Name Labels


It’s that time of the year when schools are busy planning and rehearsing all kinds of events to bring some Christmas cheer to their staff, students, and students’ families. The end of term involves an exciting list of events, such as carol services, Christmas concerts, winter trips, and performances of stories both traditional and non-traditional alike.

This means that, across the country, classrooms, halls, drama studios, dance studios, music rooms, and all the spaces in between will be quickly filling up with an abundance of scripts, sheet music, instruments, costumes and uniforms, props, music stands, and the obligatory bits of tinsel – not to mention the staff and students to go with them. Rehearsals and performances inevitably result in a lot of people and property sharing small spaces – with the result that it’s very easy for things to get mixed up or go missing.

So why not get organised this Christmas with our simple stick on name labels, Stikins. This multipurpose label can be used to label pretty much everything and anything, and it’s simple and quick to apply. Schools can purchase Stikins to mark up their own property (such as props and costumes or musical instruments and music stands) with the school name and the relevant department, or to provide the children involved in each production with a blank set of labels to write their name on and apply to the items that they need for a particular event. Parents can also purchase Stikins to label up their children’s belongings; whether it’s the items they need for a particular performance, school uniform, personal items, or everyday clothing worn for rehearsals.

Label Planet: Get Stuck In To The Christmas Spirit By Sticking On A Christmas Label (Or Two)!


Whether you’re a company sending out orders and information to customers (or potential customers), or an individual sending gifts and cards to those lucky enough to have made this year’s Christmas Card list, adding a touch of Christmas cheer is quick and easy if you’ve got labels to hand.

Many companies like to join in with the festive season by adding a touch of Christmas spirit to their postal items, products, and company documents, but some find that the costs of having bespoke materials printed up is something that they simply can’t afford. Labels are a quick and cost effective solution. You can print a festive message or design onto your labels and apply them to your postal items, products, and any marketing or information materials you have, without needing to pay for new items to be printed. It’s a fun and simple way to connect with your customers and to add a bespoke touch of festive flair, without taking up too much time and money.

Individuals who want to add a personal Christmas message can also create their very own labels for Christmas cards and family newsletters, or as gift tags for presents. The best part is you can print your very own design and personalise it for each individual recipient, instead of purchasing pre-printed designs that don’t have that extra special personal touch.

We’ve a whole range of labels that are perfect for adding a dash of Christmas magic but we’d have to say our favourites would be our Gold and Silver paper labels (for that luxury, decorative finish) and our Coloured and Fluorescent labels (which add a fun burst of colour that’s brilliant for kids – of all ages!).