Friday, 21 November 2014

Stikins & Trons: Fight Back Against Lost Property - One Name Label At A Time!

While the majority of our conversations are with parents and guardians purchasing name labels for their children’s clothing, we also interact with a number of schools on a regular basis and the one comment that we get time and time again is:

We’re fed up with the problem of lost property in our school and your name labels are just the thing we need. 

Lost property is a common issue and it doesn’t just cause problems for parents; teachers and members of staff have to spend time sorting through lost property, finding places to store it until it’s collected (if it ever is), and organising endless reminders to send to parents and students in an attempt to reunite at least some items with their owners.

It’s a problem that can take up (and waste) a lot of valuable time; all for a problem that is easy to avoid in the first place.

Name labels and name transfers are an easy solution to the problem of lost property; particularly in organisations like schools that are able to put found items to one side and give the owner an opportunity to reclaim their things. If an item is labelled with an individual’s name or a family name then that item is much, much easier to reunite with its owner and it won’t end up languishing in an overflowing box of uncollected items.

Some schools have introduced name labels as a required part of the school uniform, for clothing and for personal items (such as books, bags, PE kits and equipment, and stationery). We run a commission scheme, which allows schools to promote our name label products to parents (and hopefully decrease the amount of lost property they have to deal with) and earn commission on the resulting sales (find out more on our website here).

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