Thursday, 27 November 2014

Stikins & Trons: FAQ – What Should I Put On My Name Labels?

Some of our customers make the decision to purchase name labels but aren’t quite sure what they want to include on the labels – so they ask us for our advice, which goes something like this!

You can request whatever text you like!
We don’t limit our customers in what they can have printed – it’s entirely down to you. Each customer has their own personal preferences about what information they would like to include and we’re happy to print whatever you need.
The only limit to consider is the size of these labels; our system automatically calculates the total number of characters that have been requested on each line and adjusts the font size to ensure that all of the text fits on the label. Obviously, the more characters you include on your labels, the smaller the font will end up so it’s best to choose the information that is most important to you.

But here’s some things to consider…
- The majority of our customers order labels with a first name on the top line and a surname on the bottom line.

- Customers who want to use a single pack for two or more family members will often request labels with the surname only.

- The most common bit of extra information that gets added is a contact phone number – either a home number or a mobile number. This way, if an item gets lost it is much easier to return to the original owner, especially if it is lost outside of school property.

- Some customers opt to add alternative contact information, such as an address or email address. As a tip, we find that it is best to add one bit of contact information (with the full name or family name on the top line and the contact information on the bottom line), as this maintains a good, legible font size. If you do want to add two pieces of contact information, this is up to you – but do bear in mind that the font will be smaller. We wouldn’t advise adding three or more pieces of contact information as this does reduce the font size substantially.

- We also have customers who use one of the lines for a full name or family name and then use the remaining line to add a message or important details to their labels. For example, you might want to encourage someone to return an item by adding a simple message such as “Property Of…”, “Please Return To…”, or “If Found, Please Return To…”. Some choose to add medical or allergy information to their name labels, so that this information is available in case of an emergency. Labels can be added to personal items (such as bags, lunch boxes, or medical supplies) as well as clothing to make this information clear and easy to find.

For more tips, take a read through our blog or visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

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