Thursday, 13 November 2014

Stikins & Trons: FAQ – What Items Can Be Labelled With Stikins & Trons?

There are so many different name label products out there, it can be hard for parents to know which products can be used on different items.

So, to help keep things simple, here’s a list of the things that Stikins and Trons can be used to label.

Stikins are a stick on name label, which simply needs to be stuck onto an item – no sewing or ironing required! These labels have a specially developed adhesive that will allow them to stick onto a whole range of materials, which makes them a highly adaptable label that can be used to label clothing AND personal items.

Use them for:
- Clothing
Stikins were designed with school uniform in mind but they can be applied to pretty much any garment. We advise that they should be applied to the wash care or garment label, as this is where they were positioned during testing. There are so many different materials used to make clothing that while our Stikins MIGHT stick to all of them, they haven’t all been tested and so we cannot guarantee that they will work on absolutely every type of fabric.

- Shoes
As one of the more expensive items on the school uniform list, it’s important to keep track of shoes – particularly when there’s two of them to keep an eye on. We advise that Stikins should be applied to the side wall of each shoe or underneath the tongue, to prevent the print being worn away over time.

- Personal items
This is where you can get creative! Stikins have such a strong adhesive that they will stick to pretty much any item you want to label; they’ll even survive a trip through the dishwasher or microwave.

Don’t use them for:
Sadly, Stikins do have one downfall and that is the humble sock. As socks are designed to stretch and flex around the foot, they provide a tricky (and ever changing) surface to add a label to. Adhesive labels need to be able to create a constant bond with a surface and, unfortunately, our name labels cannot stretch to the same degree as socks, which means that they will peel off easily as the material stretches out beneath them.

Trons are iron on name transfers that bond and fuse with materials to create permanent name labels that are, effectively, part of the garment.

Use them for:
- Clothing
Trons are made from the same type of material as t-shirt transfers, which are used to add designs to t-shirts. They can be applied to pretty much any garment, where they will bond with the fabric and remain firmly in place.

- Fabric items
Trons can also be applied to other fabric items, such as linens or towels. They can be used to label children’s items when they are needed for holidays or school activities and trips, or to add a label to personal bedding, towels, or blankets belonging to a relative or friend in a residential or care home facility.

Don’t use them for:
- Non-fabric items
Unlike Stikins, Trons are designed to transfer onto fabrics only and they will not work on any other material or surface.

You can take a look through more Frequently Asked Questions (and their answers) on our website.

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