Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Stikins & Trons: Name Labels & The School Trip - Making Sure Everything Finds The Way Home


Schools will be running trips throughout the school year, which means sending your child (or children) off for the day (or longer) armed to the teeth with all the things they (might maybe possibly) need for that trip.

Parents across the country will be familiar with the experience of receiving from school a list of "Required Items" that each child must have with them... along with a "Recommended Items" list....plus the list of things your child feels are absolutely essential....and, of course, your own list of things you want to make sure your child has with them.

Adding all of that up usually results in a child weighed down with a bulky bag but, more importantly, it can also lead to headaches when it comes to the end of the trip and at least one thing from at least one of those lists is missing. Name labels are an excellent way to help prevent things from going missing entirely or simply getting mixed up when children stay together in close quarters.

You can label all kinds of things (including clothing, personal items, equipment, and various other "essentials") quickly and easily with a simple name label - and once they're applied, the job is done!
Label Planet offers two kinds of name label products (so you can make sure you have a label for pretty much anything and everything!):

STIKINS: the name label that sticks on and stays on!
These multipurpose labels can be used to label clothing and personal items - they simply peel off the backing sheet and stick into place. They can be applied to the wash care label of garments, into shoes and onto bags, onto water bottles and lunch boxes, and on all kinds of personal items and equipment.

TRONS: the name transfer that irons on and stays on!
These iron on name transfers create a completely permanent name label on all kinds of fabric items. The label bonds and fuses into the fabric completely, which makes it perfect for labelling all kinds of clothing (including socks, scarves, gloves etc) and other fabric items.

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