Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Stikins & Trons: Good News! We've Got Reviews (To Help You Make Up Your Mind)


We know that reading reviews from other customers is an important part of deciding which product to buy - especially with something like name labels where there's simply so much choice.

We're currently working on updating our review system, which means that soon we'll have all of our reviews on our website so you can take a look at how our name labels have fared with existing customers.

All of our customers can leave us a review and we've had hundreds of them so far. We really value our reviews because they let us know exactly what our customers think about our products, as well as providing us with information about the things that our customers love about our products and service - and the things that they'd like us to improve.

Reviews are a great way for us to find out what we can work on and improve to make our products and service even better for our customers.

We will be adding all of our existing reviews - along with a "Write A Review" option - to our website shortly, but for the moment you can take a look through our reviews by visiting our Reviews Profile page.

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