Thursday, 2 October 2014

Label Planet: A Guide To The Brand New Label Planet Homepage

We've revamped our home page to make it even easier for customers to find the labels that they're looking for. So, here's a quick guide to the brand new Label Planet homepage!

Top links:
These text links lead to our Delivery Information page, About Us page, Blog, Templates page, Sample Request page, and Contact Us page.

Search Bar:
If you have a Label Planet product code from a previous search or order, you can navigate to the correct page even faster by entering the code into this search bar.

Text Links:
Use these links to see all of our labels that are suitable for Laser Printers, for Inkjet Printers, or for use as Address/Shipping labels.

Social Media Icons:
We're also on social media! You can use these links to find out what's going on at Label Planet from our social media sites or to get in touch and leave us feedback!

Side Links:
The four light purple boxes provide quick links to our despatch and delivery information, site and ordering information, and all of our help and advice pages.

Alphabetical List Of Labels:
Click on the big red button to view all of our ranges of labels listed in alphabetical order.

Five Images:
Quick links to our label sizes that are rounded cornered rectangles, square cut cornered rectangles, circles, address labels, or coloured labels.

Find Labels By Categories:
These links can be used to narrow down your search for a particular type of label based on certain requirements such as:
- The number of labels per sheet, compatible Avery codes, label height or width, label shape, or supplier codes.
- The type of label required: e.g. coloured, fluorescent, metallic, laser gloss, inkjet gloss, freezer, removable, super removable, waterproof removable, laser transparent, inkjet transparent, waterproof matt white, or waterproof gloss white.
- The type of material required: e.g. white paper, removable adhesives, gloss materials, coloured paper, special adhesives, materials for inkjet printing, transparent materials, permanent adhesives, or waterproof materials.

Labels On A4 Sheets for Schools:
A section of our website devoted to labels for use in schools, including how to buy from Label Planet, a teachers' forum, information about our commission scheme, useful sites for teachers, ideas for how labels can be used in the school environment, and free templates for teachers to download and adapt for their own purposes.

Buy Name Labels:
A link to the website where we sell our name label products; Stikins, the name label that simply sticks on and stays on, and Trons, the easy to use iron-on name transfer that creates a permanent name label on any fabric item.

Download A4 Labels Brochure:
If you want a copy of the sizes and materials we have available, you can download and print a copy of our brochure for future reference.

Activity Window:
A fun new addition to the website, the activity window means you can take a look at the pages and products that are proving popular on our website - and perhaps get inspired along the way!

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