Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Stikins & Trons: Name Labels For Residential Homes & Care Homes

The process of moving into a residential or care home can be a difficult one, fraught with all kinds of worries and concerns for both the individuals moving into care and for their family and friends.

Many residential and care homes provide facilities to help residents with day to day needs such as laundry services and, while staff will do their utmost to keep everything organised, this means that items must be put through shared machines, which can lead to mix ups or items going missing entirely.

Losing personal items can be distressing for both residents and relatives and can take up valuable time for members of staff. A simple solution is to add name labels to a resident's clothing and possessions to ensure that they can always be returned to the right person.

Stikins are easy to use stick on name labels that can be applied by residents, relatives, or members of staff in a few simple steps. These labels can be applied to the wash-care label of any garment and can also be applied to other personal items, including shoes, bags, books, or personal possessions that may hold emotional value.

Trons are an iron on name transfer that provides a completely permanent name label solution for fabric items. These labels require a single iron on application and can be applied onto the wash-care label or directly onto the fabric of any garment or fabric item. Trons are an ideal way to label clothing, towels, linens, and personal blankets.

Stikins and Trons can be ordered from the name labels website, by phone, or by post.

We also supply name labels and name transfers directly to residential and care homes, with a 10% discount for homes that order from us on behalf of their residents.

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