Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Stikins & Trons: Learning About Left & Right? Name Labels Can Show You The Right Direction


For some children, learning the difference between left and right can be a little bit tricky at first.

Perhaps you've tried a few word tricks or word association games. Maybe you've tried the old trick of making an "L" shape with the left hand.

Sometimes, along with these tips and tricks, it can be helpful to have an extra visual reminder of which is which.

And this is where Stikins & Trons come in.

Name labels can be used to provide a visual clue to a child to allow them to distinguish between their left and right. This trick works especially well with shoes and socks.

Here's a few things to try:

1. Stick a Stikins name label into one shoe or apply a Trons name transfer onto one sock and explain to your child that that name label represents one of the two directions - just make sure you've both agreed on which direction the name label represents!

2. Request two sets of name labels - one printed with "left" and one with "right" and then apply these to the correct shoes and/or socks.

3. If your child has learned to recognise their own name, you could request the first half of your child's name on one set and the second half on a second set so that - when they are applied to your child's shoes or socks - they must put the correct shoe/sock on the correct foot to spell out their name correctly.

NB: You should only apply Stikins to shoes (as they don't play well with socks) and you need to avoid sticking them underneath the heel (as this will cause the print to be worn away).

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