Thursday, 7 August 2014

Label Planet: What is a "standard size" of label?

We often use the term "standard sizes" when referring to some of our label products, which can cause some confusion when customers are trying to buy labels to stick on items that are also referred to as being "standard" in size.

When a customer regularly buys in items of a "standard" size, it can be a surprise to suddenly find out that there isn't a "standard" size of label to go with them.

In the world of A4 sheets of labels, the measurements of "standard" label sizes are determined by the dimensions of an A4 sheet - namely 210mm wide by 297mm high. Standard label sizes are designed to fit as many labels as possible onto an A4 sheet with as little waste in between and around the labels as possible.

You can search through our label sizes by using our "Search Pages" to:

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