Thursday, 21 August 2014

Label Planet: Troublesome or Trying Templates? Remember to Test, Test, Test!

We offer Word and PDF templates on our website, for our customers to download and use.

While we have tested these templates to ensure that they work, every computer system is slightly different and there is no guarantee that every customer can simply open one of our templates, insert their text and/or images, and print the document with perfect results first time. While many of our customers find this is the case, others find that the templates don't work perfectly from the start, which is why we advise every customer to always try a test print - printing the template onto blank paper - before printing onto a sheet of their labels.

By printing a test print, you can hold this sheet up against a sheet of your labels and verify for yourself if the alignment is correct or if the template needs a few amendments making. This also allows you to weed out any document or printer settings that may affect the final alignment of the document. The most common examples of this include the Page Size being set to something other than A4 (usually American Letter) or a Scaling setting being applied to the document (so the document prints at a size that is larger or smaller than the sheet of labels).

Our Word templates feature a step by step guide to designing and printing label templates, and we also have a number of help and advice articles available on our website for customers to peruse. Of course, if all else fails, we're also happy to talk to customers about any particular problems or issues they encounter with their troublesome and trying templates.

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