Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Stikins & Trons: Trons - The Transfer To Suit Troublesome Socks


We've been selling name labels since 2004 and we had one pesky problem that simply refused to go away.

And what was that problem? Socks!!

Socks are tricky to label because they get stretched and worn so much on a day to day basis. While sew-in labels are one solution, we wanted to be able to provide a name label that was as easy to use as our Stikins - with no sewing required!

Which is why we are so delighted with our new product: Trons name transfers.

These name transfers simply iron on to provide a quick and easy permanent name labelling solution for ALL fabric items - including socks! The labels are made from a single layer of material that is impregnated with ink; they require a single iron on application during which they bond and fuse fully with fabric items to create a permanent name label.

To find out more or to buy Trons name transfers, simply visit our website here.

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