Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Stikins & Trons: FAQ - What Is A School Commission Code?


While schools may be familiar with our commission scheme, we do get questions from parents as to what exactly the school commission code is for and how it relates to their order.

So here are a few of the answers to those questions:

What is a School Reference No.?
Each school that registers with our commission scheme is given a unique code.

Do I have to enter a School Reference No.?
No. If you don't have a school reference number then it is fine to leave this box blank. If you do have a school code you should enter it so that your order helps generate funds for your school's projects.

How do I find out what my school's Reference No. is?
If you know that your school is registered you can find their number by; checking the school website or newsletters, checking for the number on the leaflet/order form that your school may have handed out to you, or letting us know the name of your school when you order so that we can add the correct code to your order. If you don't know if your school is registered or not you can always contact the school or provide us with the name of the school so we can double check this for you.

Does it mean I get a discount on my order?
No. By applying a school reference to your order, you are registering that order as one that is to earn commission for your school. 15 to 25% of the value of your order will be added to your school's ongoing commission funds, which we will then pay out once a year in October. Your school can then add the funds to whatever fundraising projects they are running and make extra progress towards their fundraising goals.

[We do, however, offer discount codes for customers throughout the year. These discounts will be advertised by email or on our blog, facebook, and twitter pages.]

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