Thursday, 18 April 2013

Stikins: A Tip For Brand New Clothes

We're always looking to make sure we give our customers enough information and advice to make sure they get the very best use out of their Stikins. So here's a tip that can help when applying Stikins to brand new items of clothing - particularly those newly bought school uniforms:

If you're applying Stikins to new clothes, we advise that you wash those clothes before applying your Stikins. Brand new clothes may have traces of dust, extra dye or chemicals used to preserve clothing during storage and despatch. Washing the clothes first means there are no additional elements that can interact with the Stikins adhesive and potentially prevent the labels from adhering properly. Washing new clothes first also has the added advantage of making the clothes fresh, less stiff, and more comfortable to wear!

You can find our guide to applying Stikins on our website here.

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