Thursday, 25 April 2013

Stikins: The Three "Rs" For Schools - information links online

For schools there are generally three steps involved in registering to earn commission on sales of Stikins name labels - all of which can be done online.

1. REQUEST a school information pack
THE LINK YOU NEED: PTA Fundraising Information for your PTA or School
WHAT HAPPENS NEXT: A School Information Pack will be sent to you containing a letter/information sheet that outlines how schools can earn commission along with samples of parent leaflets, instruction leaflets, and our Stikins - New & Original.

2. REGISTER your school
THE LINK YOU NEED: School & PTA Registration
WHAT HAPPENS NEXT: Your unique ID will be added to our system and orders placed with your reference number will start to contribute towards your commission total.

3. REQUEST parent leaflets
THE LINK YOU NEED: Request Parent Leaflets
WHAT HAPPENS NEXT: We will print labels with your school name and unique ID and post these, along with your requested parent leaflets, either directly to the school or to a nominated delivery address for you to distribute to parents.

And a few other "Rs" to consider:
RAISE your commission from 15% to 25%
REVIEW the commission you have earned so far
REQUEST five free Stikins for each pupil as part of our 2013 Spring Fundraising Offer
READ more about our Stikins

Of course, we're always happy to talk to schools and PTA members directly, whether they have questions about Stikins and earning commission, or simply want to request an Information Pack or more Parent Leaflets over the phone. Simply give us a call on 01270 668076 and we'll be happy to help.

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