Thursday, 11 April 2013

Stikins: The Many Uses Of Stikins

While our Stikins are primarily sold to parents who want to label their children's school uniform, there are a variety of other uses where our name labels come in handy.

Where businesses require their employees to wear uniform, these items of clothing may often end up being stored in shared communal areas, meaning that items can be easily mixed up or misplaced. Items can be labelled with an individual's name or simply with a particular branch or department of a larger organisation to make sure they stay in the right place.

Labelling clothes in nursing and residential care homes means that items can be easily returned to their rightful owners if they are lost or after being collected for washing. Personal items, particularly ones of significant sentimental value, can also be labelled to avoid important items being lost, which can cause distress to residents and their families.

Name labels can also be applied to personal items. Their strong adhesive makes them an excellent way to add a durable label to personal possessions and they are able to survive being put in washing machines, tumble-driers, dishwashers, and microwaves (except the General Purpose Silver labels which are only suitable for dishwashers) making them suitable for all manner of items.

 As well as labelling school uniform, Stikins name labels can be used to label children's everyday clothing. While traditional name labels are made with just the child's name, name labels can be printed with all kinds of additional information to help keep children safe while their parents may not be around. For example, adding a parent's phone number means that if a child gets lost, the information they need to contact their parents is always with them. Parents can also add medical information, such as allergies, so that children can let others know if they have any special requirements or if they need certain medical assistance.

And, of course, our name labels are perfect for labelling school uniform. Uniforms often get mislaid or sent home with the wrong child, particularly after P.E. lessons. A name label means a child can make sure they have their own clothes or, if they lose an item, that the item can be sent home instead of remaining in the lost property box.

You can find more information about Stikins by visiting our Frequently Asked Questions page. We also have information for nursing and residential care homes, which can be found here.

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