Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Label Planet: Revising For Exams With Super Removable Labels


Students across the country will be busy preparing for impending exams and presentations (or perhaps they should be!). Label Planet has a unique solution to help you with the tricky task of remembering everything you might need to know.

Our super removable labels (product code: GREM) have a very light adhesive that provides a low initial tack and can be removed from any surface quickly and easily, without leaving any residue behind. In fact, they can be compared to the average post-it note, just with the adhesive all over the back of the label.

This makes our super removable labels an ideal way to print revision cards that you can stick anywhere around the house to help you remember important information. You can print the key facts, figures, or quotations that you need to learn and stick them onto books, revision posters, walls, desks, or even over the bathroom mirror as a revision reminder first thing in the morning and last thing at night. And, once you've completed your exam or presentation, you can remove them without any traces of residue (though whether you choose to keep them safely filed away with your other revision notes or throw them out as quickly as you can is up to you!).

You can Request A Sample or Find Out More about our Super Removable Labels on our website.

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