Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Stikins for Nursing & Residential Care Homes


While we mainly supply Stikins to parents who want to label their children's school uniform and personal belongings, we also supply Stikins for use in residential care homes.

As in schools, residential care homes often have problems with personal items and clothing being mixed up or misplaced, which can cause distress to residents and their relatives, as well as extra work for the staff. Our Stikins name labels can be quickly and easily applied to clothes and personal items, by staff or by relatives and residents themselves. In addition to keeping track of items of clothing, personal items that may be of significant sentimental value can also be labelled with the owner's name to ensure they are not lost.

We supply Stikins to individual customers who have relatives in care, as well as supplying name labels directly to a number of nursing homes. Care homes can register with us to receive a discount on their direct orders or apply for a unique reference number that will allow them to earn commission on orders placed with their number (as schools do).

We are committed to providing a fast and simple service to all of our care home customers. If you have any questions regarding Stikins for nursing homes - whether you are an individual customer or a representative of a care home - please call us on 01270 668076 or email us at info@labelplanet.co.uk with your query.

You can also read our Frequently Asked Questions to find out more about Stikins name labels.

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