Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Address Labels: The Movie?


Here at Label Planet we've updated our Address Labels range page to make it even easier to find the perfect address labels for you.

Now you can view all of the materials available for address labels, click on the one you want, and simply select from the five standard sizes available:

- LP4/99: 4 per sheet (99.1 x 139mm)
- LP8/99: 8 per sheet (99.1 x 67.7mm)
- LP14/99: 14 per sheet (99.1 x 38.1mm)
- LP21/63: 21 per sheet (63.5 x 38.1mm)
- LP65/38: 65 per sheet (38.1 x 21.2mm)

To celebrate we've written a short article entitled:
“Address Labels: The Movie"

Astonishingly there may be plans to make a full length movie about address labels. It will be an artistic challenge to make an interesting film about something so boring.

The plot of the film will be similar to Ocean’s 11 but the target for the robbers will be a label factory, which manufactures all kinds of address labels for the main carriers in the USA. By stealing the labels and labelling equipment the gang are planning to stop most parcel shipments across America in the week before Christmas.

The robbers are being paid millions of dollars by one of the carrier companies whose evil owner will still have address labels and thus be able to corner the market. As one would expect in a movie of this type there have been years of planning; customers have been switched from the standard paper address labels and onto coloured and transparent address labels so they are reliant on the labels produced by the factory.

Several label companies have been consulted in secret about different types of labels, surprisingly there are hundreds of sizes and materials, and companies such as Label Planet sell them online in packs of 25 sheets as well as Stikins name labels.

Like Ocean’s 11 there is a clever twist at the end of the movie because the robbers double cross the evil owner and make even more money by supplying address labels at hugely inflated prices to the desperate victims.

The film may be released early next year, or then again it may not.

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