Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Stikins: Fundraising Opportunity For UK Charities

From today we are inviting UK based registered charities to join our affiliates program, and earn 15% commission on all name label orders placed where their affiliate number is quoted.

It is an extremely easy way to raise funds. Charities can simply apply for their affiliate number on the site, and then put a link on their own site for their supporters to buy through. The link can be set up to have the affiliate number in it so that the charity automatically gets the commission, which is paid out in October.

Charities can also encourage their supporters to copy the link onto their own sites because wherever the link is it will attract commission for the charity.

The new site also allows charities to log in and see how much commission has been earned, if they wish they can also allow their supporters to see this information.

If you have a charity that you think would be interested then please let them know about this exciting new fund raising opportunity.

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