Friday, 23 February 2018

Stikins ® Name Labels: Take A Road Trip Across America With The Stikins ® Hit List Of US-Inspired Names

American Names Name Tags

And The Nominees For Most Popular US-Inspired Names Printed Onto Stikins ® Name Tags Are…

We’ve printed lots of name tags for people who share their names with American states and decided to find out which states are the most popular. So, we've searched through and records and the most popular US state names – among Stikins ® customers anyhow – are:


A lot of American towns and cities were named after places in the UK by British settlers and explorers - including Bath, Birmingham, Blackburn, Bolton, Bradford, Brighton, Bristol, Cambridge, Carlisle, Chester, Coventry, Crewe, Dartmouth, Derby, Dundee, Durham, Exeter, Gloucester, Hastings, Hull, Ipswich, Lancaster, Leeds, Liverpool, Macclesfield, Maidstone, Manchester, Newcastle, Northampton, Norwich, Portsmouth, Preston, Scarborough, Sheffield, Shrewsbury, Southampton, Stafford, Warwick, Weymouth, and Winchester.

Recently, of course, there has been a trend of people choosing names based on American states and cities so, if you’re looking for a name with an American feel, there’s plenty of options to be found across the good old U.S. of A., including:

Name Tags – Despatch & Delivery Information For The UK (& The Rest Of The World)

Here at Stikins ® HQ, we only supply our name tags within the UK. We print name tags every day, Monday to Friday up to 3pm, which means that all orders are made and despatched on the same or next working day (with the exception of Bank Holidays and Christmas/Easter).

Our standard delivery service is completely free with orders despatched via Royal Mail’s first class service. Around 93% of items sent on this service arrive next day, with the rest taking a day or two extra (especially in the London area).

If you need to receive your name tags quickly – in time for a school trip or before a relative/friend moves into a nursing home – you can opt to upgrade to our next day delivery service. This option uses Royal Mail’s Special Delivery Guaranteed service, costs £5.75, and guarantees that your name tags will arrive the next working day by 1pm.

Currently, you can only upgrade to this service by phone (our Customer Service Team is available 9am-5pm on 01270 668076) – although you'll be able to upgrade online very soon!

If you live outside the UK and want to order Stikins ® name tags – don’t despair!

Customers can order Stikins ® for delivery to a number of countries worldwide by ordering from our sister company Madebuy, which sells Stikins ® name tags via Amazon and eBay!

You can order Stikins ® name tags online at or you can give our Customer Service Team a call and we’ll be happy to help!

Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Label Planet: The World Of Label Planet Has Expanded Once Again!

Brand New Label Sizes & Self Adhesive Labels Are Now Available

Over the last few months, we’ve been working hard to expand our range of self adhesive labels to give our customers even more choice when it comes to picking the perfect label.

We’ve introduced brand new label sizes, new size and material combinations, and we’ve added a variety of self adhesive labels to our stocked sizes and materials – meaning we’ve got an even bigger range of laser labels and inkjet labels available for same day despatch from stock in packs of 25 sheets.

Without further ado, here is a selection of the latest additions to our range of self-adhesive labels…

Coloured Labels & Kraft Labels

We’ve expanded our range of Kraft Labels to match our Coloured Labels and we’ve added two existing label sizes to the stocked section of both ranges – LP1/210 (1 coloured label per sheet measuring 210mm wide by 297mm wide) and LP36/49 (36 coloured labels per sheet measuring 48.8mm wide by 29.6mm high).

So, if you’re looking for sticky labels that offer a fun and decorative finish to any labelling project, now you’ve got even more choice! The LP1/210 label size is also a brilliant option if you want to create your own label sizes and shapes; simply print your designs onto these A4 labels and then cut out the shapes you need.

Gold Labels & Silver Labels

We’ve also expanded our range of metallic labels to include an amazing 44 label sizes in both gold labels and silver labels. Both ranges also feature 9 of our most popular label sizes as stocked items – including 6 rectangular labels and 3 round labels.

Gold labels and silver labels are a brilliant way to add a touch of luxury to items and are especially popular for use as gift labels, product labels, or address labels for extra special occasions!

Paper Labels

All of our special paper labels now include LP10/99 as a stocked label size; this particular label size features 10 self adhesive labels per sheet – each measuring 99.1mm wide by 57mm wide – and is compatible with a range of Avery labels (including J8173*, L7173*, L7973*, and L7992*).

This label size is really versatile and can be used for all sorts of label applications, including address labels, bottle labels, jar labels, and product labels.

Opaque Labels

We have supplied opaque labels (also known as blockout labels) for a few years but never carried these permanent labels as stocked items – until now! We’ve created a stocked section for this label range, which includes 12 self adhesive label sizes available for same day despatch from stock in packs of 25 sheets.

Opaque labels are a quick and easy way to cover up out of date or incorrect information on pre-printed materials (including leaflets and packaging) or to reuse / recycle old packaging by replacing existing print or sticky labels with new designs and/or information.

New Label Sizes

Finally, we’ve also added 10 brand new label sizes to all of our ranges – which means that all 30 of our self adhesive label materials and adhesives are now available in 10 additional label sizes! Our brand new label sizes are:
  • LP2/105: 2 blank labels per sheet, 105mm x 297mm with square cut corners
  • LP4/210: 4 blank labels per sheet, 210mm x 74.25mm with square cut corners
  • LP21/70: 21 blank labels per sheet, 70mm x 42.42mm with square cut corners
  • LP24/72: 24 blank labels per sheet, 72mm x 21.15mm with rounded corners
  • LP27/63: 27 blank labels per sheet, 63.5mm x 29.6mm with rounded corners
  • LP30/70: 30 blank labels per sheet, 70mm x 29.7mm with square cut corners
  • LP189/25: 189 blank labels per sheet, 25.4mm x 10mm with rounded corners
  • LP15/51SQ: 15 square labels per sheet, 51mm x 51mm with rounded corners
  • LP35/37SQ: 35 square labels per sheet, 37mm x 37mm with rounded corners
  • LP70/25SQ: 70 square labels per sheet, 25mm x 25mm with rounded corners

Ordering Self Adhesive Labels From Label Planet

Our website lists our full range of label sizes and material combinations along with current price lists – all of our prices are all-inclusive (including both VAT and standard UK delivery), so you pay what you see (unless you upgrade to a special delivery option).

Stocked items are available in packs of 25 sheets or boxes of 500 sheets. All of our 25 sheet packs are available for same day despatch; orders with a total of fewer than 200 sheets will be sent via Royal Mail’s first class service, while orders of more than 200 sheets will be put on a next working day carrier service.

Non-stocked items have a minimum order quantity of 100 sheets or 500 sheets; standard paper labels will be available for same day despatch from our warehouse, while all other A4 labels take up to five working days for despatch.

You can find label templates for ALL of our label sizes either by visiting our Label Templates Home Page (select your label shape and label size) or by clicking on the purple “Label Templates And Printing Information” link on the product page of the blank labels you have ordered from Label Planet. We also provide plenty of help and advice in our Help Section, which includes links to our Labels Blog, Label Templates Blog, Troubleshooting Guides, and Step By Step Design Guides.

If you have any questions or queries about ordering self adhesive labels from Label Planet, our Customer Service Team is on hand to help; contact us by emailing or calling us on 01270 668076 (our opening hours are 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday).

Alternatively, if you’d like to go ahead and place an order, you can give us a call or simply head on over to to get started!

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Label Planet TEMPLATE TUESDAY: Downloading Label Templates 101

There are THREE ways to get a label template for your self adhesive labels:
  1. Make your own label template
  2. Use an existing label template that is built into your software
  3. Download a standalone label template
Most people won’t want to create their own label template (either because they aren’t sure how to do this or they’d prefer to save time by using an existing label template) and many don’t have access to a built-in template (because their software doesn’t offer built-in label templates OR it doesn’t have a label template that is compatible with their label size) – which means that they will need to download a standalone template.

Some label manufacturers and suppliers provide label templates on their website (like Label Planet!), others direct customers to resources where they can find label templates, and the rest leave customers to find their own label templates.

Downloading Label Templates

Generally speaking, the process of downloading label templates follows these basic steps:
  1. Visit the website of your label manufacturer / supplier to find a suitable label template download.
    Most websites have dedicated label template sections OR include a label template download on the product page for your self adhesive labels.
    To download a Label Planet label template, you can either visit our Template Section or visit the product page of your self adhesive labels and click on the purple “Label Templates And Printing Information” link to reach the template information page for your label size.
  1. Select the correct label template for your software / label design.
    At Label Planet, we supply label templates in a .docx file format (for use with word processors such as Word and Pages) and a .pdf file format (for use with graphics software such as Photoshop and InDesign). We also provide different template formats including Portrait and Landscape orientations, Text Box and Mirrored Text Box Templates (if you are adding just text or need to create mirrored – reversed – text), and Bleed Templates (for designs with full colour backgrounds). If you aren’t sure about using different formats, it’s best to stick to the basic Portrait or Landscape options.
  1. (Left) click once on the text link or icon to begin downloading your label template.
    Our label template downloads can be found halfway down each template information page; they are purple text links listed under the headings “Word Templates” and “PDF Templates”.
  1. If you are asked whether you want to SAVE or OPEN your label template, select SAVE.
    Usually, downloaded files will be saved to a specific “Downloads” folder (unless you have previously specified that downloaded files are to be saved elsewhere). To open your label template, we recommend first opening the software you intend to use to design your self adhesive labels and using the “File” > “Open” menu options to locate and open your saved label template.
Next Week On Template Tuesday – How To? – How To Download A Label Template

Friday, 16 February 2018

Stikins ® Name Labels: Happy Chinese New Year From Stikins ® Name Labels! It’s The #YearOfTheDog!

Happy New Year From The Stikins ® Name Labels Team!

(Especially HARVEY the Stikins Dog who feels that, really, every year should be the year of the dog!)
Chinese New Year Of The Dog Name Labels

Also known as Spring Festival, the Chinese New Year falls between mid-January and mid-February based on the Chinese lunisolar calendar. A new month starts at the new moon and the month containing the winter solstice is considered to be the 11th month of the Chinese year – so the new year (usually) begins on the second new moon after the winter solstice.

The current Chinese year begins today and ends on the 4th February 2019.

Chinese New Year traditions include a new year's eve reunion meal for families, exchanging gifts (especially money in red envelopes to signify good wishes and luck for the new year), “spring” cleaning (to sweep away bad luck from the preceding year before the new year and, hopefully, good luck arrives), red decorations (a lucky colour that symbolises wealth, happiness, and prosperity and wards against evil spirits), and plenty of fireworks - in fact, more fireworks are set off for the Chinese New Year than at any other time of the year.

Celebrations last until the full moon when a Lantern Festival is held to indicate the end of the Spring Festival.

The Chinese calendar also follows a 60 year cycle, which contains a repeating 10 year cycle (of “Heavenly Stems”) associated with the 5 elements in alternating yin and yang forms and a repeating 12 year cycle (of “Earthly Stems”) associated with the 12 signs of the zodiac.

This year is the YEAR OF THE DOG and more specifically (as a year ending in an 8) it is the year of the YANG EARTH DOG.

These signs are believed to influence the events and personalities of children born in that year. The dog is an auspicious animal that indicates the coming of fortune and symbolises loyalty and honesty. People born in the year of the Dog are said to be brave, honest, sincere, friendly, loyal, smart, straightforward, reliable, and responsible (although they may also be self-righteous, cold, stubborn, irritable, critical, and unskilled at social activities). Those born in an Earth Dog year will also have qualities associated with the Earth element and will be patient, thoughtful, practical, hardworking, nurturing, and ambitious.

Why Not Try Some New Name Labels For A New Year?!

Stikins ® name labels are a thoroughly modern name labelling solution that aims to make the process of labelling school uniform and equipment as quick and easy as possible. Instead of spending hours sewing in name tapes or ironing on iron-on labels, our sticky name labels simply stick on and stay on – and you can use one pack to label clothing and fabric items (apply your name labels onto the wash-care label only), bags and shoes (avoid applying name labels beneath the heel in shoes to protect the print), lunch boxes and water bottles, books and stationery, and anything else that you’d like to keep safe.

We sell four different pack sizes (of 30, 60, 90, or 120 name labels) and you can request whatever information you want to be printed on your name labels. While most people opt for a first name and surname, you can also add contact information, medical/allergy information, or friendly messages such as “Please Return To” or “I Belong To”.

Stick on name labels are a really brilliant way to get things labelled up safely and securely and they’re also a great way to get stuff organised – whether it’s your children’s school uniform and equipment, your own belongings, or even the various supplies that you’ve bought for your dog!

To find out more or to place an order for your own pack of Stikins ® name labels, head on over to

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Label Planet: Make Your Own Valentine’s Day Mementoes With Photo Labels From Label Planet

Create Your Own Self-Adhesive Photos That You Can Turn Into Gifts & Decorations Or Simply Stick Up On Your Wall!

Valentine’s Day is a brilliant opportunity to take some extra special photos and, with the help of some sticky labels from Label Planet, you can turn your photos into gifts, decorations, or mementoes in an instant – simply by printing them onto A4 labels using a standard desktop printer.

Our GWPQ paper labels are made with a special gloss coating, which is PERFECT for printing high resolution images (including photographs), and a high quality permanent adhesive, which means you can stick your adhesive photos onto a whole range of surfaces to create personalised gifts and decorations – or to create your own homemade photo album.

The coating is a special finishing layer designed to improve a few key properties of the paper used to make our GWPQ paper labels; these include the brightness and whiteness of the surface (so you can print your photos onto a clean background that is a bright white in colour) as well as its ink receptivity and smoothness (so your printing inks or toners can be applied onto the surface really efficiently to produce sharp, crisp print). In other words, the coating is specifically designed to help make sure that your print comes out at the highest possible quality – even when printing high resolution digital photographs that contain a lot of detail – so your photographs look picture perfect every time.

The Perfect Printer Labels For Printing Digital Photographs

These gloss labels can be printed using an inkjet printer or a laser printer; to make sure that you get the best possible print quality, we recommend going through your printer’s settings to select a specific “Labels” or “Heavy Paper” print setting and to select the highest possible print resolution – this will cause your printer to slow down (and laser printers will apply more heat) allowing it to reproduce all of the details in your photographs as accurately as possible. As these gloss labels are also thicker than standard paper (due to that special coating), you should also make sure you use your printer’s media bypass tray (if it has one) to ensure that your photos all print out in the perfect position!

Photo Labels That Will Last & Last…

Our photo quality gloss labels are made with a high quality permanent adhesive, which has extremely good tack (adhesion) – allowing you to apply your photo labels to a variety of materials and surface types while creating an adhesive bond that will remain firmly in place in a wide range of temperatures (including colder temperatures that often cause standard permanent adhesives to fail).

Photo labels are a brilliant way to create homemade mementoes and they’re a quick and simple way to personalise all kinds of items with photos – such as address labels for wedding invitations or birthday cards and gift tags for party favours or thank you notes.

Ordering Photo Labels From Label Planet

Our GWPQ paper labels range contains 57 label sizes with 15 stocked sizes (available in packs of 25 sheets for same day despatch) and a further 42 made to order sizes.

You can find out more about these gloss white labels or place an order for your very own photo labels today by visiting our Photo Gloss Labels page – or by getting in touch with our Customer Service Team. Visit our Template Home page to download label templates for your gloss labels in a Word or PDF format.

If a gloss finish isn’t what you need, you might find that our Premium Quality Matt Labels (MPQ) are the perfect alternative.

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Label Planet TEMPLATE TUESDAY: How To? – How To View The File Format Of A Label Template

This week, we’ll explain how to view the file format of individual files to find out if a particular label template is in a file format that is compatible with your software.

Generally speaking, most companies will indicate the file format used for their label templates (as we do) BUT if you have a label template file and don't know its file format, the easiest way to determine the file format is to look at the file extension.

The file extension is a set of (usually three) letters that follow the last full stop in the FULL file name. File extensions are usually hidden by default, so the file name you see is actually only part of the full file name.

The left hand column below shows the file name that appears when file extensions are hidden; the right hand column shows the full file name of those same files when file extensions are set to display.
Label Templates Definition File Format File Extension
There are a number of ways to view file extensions but the easiest is to bring up the file information for an individual file.

How To View File Extensions: Windows

Label Templates Icon Windows File ExplorerStep 1: Open the file manager; originally known as “Windows Explorer”, the file manager was renamed in Windows 8 as “File Explorer” by clicking on this icon:

Step 2: Navigate to the folder where you have saved your label template (downloaded files are usually saved to the "Downloads" folder in Favourites).

Step 3: Right click once on your label template file and select “Properties” from the list.
Near the top of the General tab you will see “Type of file” – next to this will be the file extension of your label template.

Label Templates Icon Mac FinderHow To View File Extensions: Mac

Step 1: Open the file manager (“Finder”) by clicking on this icon:

Step 2: Navigate to the folder where you have saved your label template (downloaded files are usually saved to the "Downloads" folder in Favourites).

Step 3: Right click (hold down the Control key as you click) once on your label template file and select “Get Info” from the list.

About halfway down the Information Window you will see a section called “Name & Extension”, which will contain the full file name for your label template (including the file extension) – if the section is not expanded, click on the section title to open it up. If the “Hide extension” box is checked, uncheck it to reveal the file extension.


It is always best to view the file extension via file information – especially when downloading files from the internet. Malicious files may be given a file name that makes it LOOK like the full file name is showing – tricking a user into thinking that it has a particular file format – when the true file format is actually hidden.

For example, a file might be named “FileName.docx” to make it look like a normal Word document BUT looking at the file information would reveal that the full file name is actually  “FileName.docx.exe” – meaning that the file is actually an executable program and should NOT be opened.

Next Week On Template Tuesday: Downloading Label Templates 101

Friday, 9 February 2018

Stikins ® Name Labels: Choose Stikins ® For Cosmically Quick School Name Tags

Space Stikins Name Tags

Stikins Name Tags Presents Facts About... Halley's Comet

Today is the anniversary of the most recent appearance of Halley’s Comet so we’re celebrating with a few fascinating facts from the Stikins name tags team:
  • Halley’s Comet was the first comet to be recognised as a short-period comet (a comet that takes less than 200 years to complete one orbit around the sun).
  • It’s the only short-period comet regularly visible to the naked eye and the only naked-eye comet that might appear twice in a human lifetime.
  • Currently, its orbit takes 75.32 years to complete – meaning its next appearance is predicted to be on 28th July 2061 – and extends from a mere 55,773,484 miles away from the sun (between the orbits of Mercury and Venus) to a massive 3,253,453,254 miles from the sun (beyond the orbit of Neptune).
  • The central nucleus of Halley’s Comet is shaped like a peanut, measures around 9 miles long by 5 miles wide, and is composed of ice, rock, and dust.
  • Sightings of Halley’s Comet appear throughout recorded history (including an appearance on the Bayeux Tapestry) – the earliest is contained in a Chinese document (“Records Of The Grand Historian”) from 240BC.
  • In 1705, Edmond (or Edmund) Halley published a study of 24 separate comet observations in which he calculated that three of these observations (from 1531, 1607, and 1682) were actually the same comet – which he predicted would return in 1758. It did – although it wasn’t actually spotted until 25th December – and was named in his honour the following year.
DID YOU KNOW: although Halley’s Comet can only be seen once every 76 years, you can see the after-effects of its journey every year in two meteor showers that occur in early May (the Eta Aquariids) and late October (the Orionids). The sun changes some of the comet’s ice into a gas, allowing rock particles to break away and become meteors as they reach the Earth’s atmosphere. While the Orionids are the result of rocks left behind after Halley’s most recent appearance, meteors in the Eta Aquariids broke away centuries ago.

Need To (Re)Order School Name Tags? With Stikins ®, You Can Get The Job Done Faster Than The Speed Of Light!

Okay, not really, but everything about Stikins ® is designed to be super quick and easy – from placing an order to using your name tags to label all your children’s belongings:
  • Order online at, pop an order form (and a cheque!) in the post, or give us call (our Customer Service Team is available Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm).
  • Let us know what you want printed on your name tags, how many name tags you need, and your delivery address (and make payment) – and you’ve ordered your name tags!
  • All orders of Stikins ® name tags are despatched SAME or NEXT working day – all year round!
  • For super speedy delivery, you can upgrade to a guaranteed next day delivery service (shipping fee: £5.75).
  • Once your name tags arrive, you simply peel each sticky label off the backing sheet and stick it firmly onto your item. With our stick on name tags you can label ALL of your children’s school uniform and equipment in minutes!
So, whether you’ve run out or you just need to top up your stash of name tags, head on over to our order page to order (more) Stikins today.